Mathewe is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A merchant in Gran Soren. All trade has stopped as a result of the dragon's coming, and he's growing bored waiting for things to pick back up."


  • "Hail, traveler!  Come for the capital with pockets lines with gold, are you?  ....No?"
  • "Aye, well, you're not alone in that, friend.  The dragon's coming has put a pinch on all our purses."
  • "Say, have you chanced upon the falls near the encampment?  There's a cave secreted behind."
  • "Full of old ruins, too.  I walked in a few paces once, curious to see how far in it went."
  • "My nerve left me past that, though it grieves me to imagine all that treasure I missed..."
  • "If you've the mettle and the interest, pray, go now, while there's treasure left to be had."
  • "Perhaps you'll come back to share your findings in recompense for the tip, eh?  ...No?"