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Mayra is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


A gentle kind woman, who lives in Cassardis - she lives in a Fisherman's House east and around the corner from the Arisen's home; with Merin and Lewes. The front door faces the beach.

After the Dragon's attack on the village (Harbinger of Destruction), she's seen tending to an injured person, (Arnot), on the road across from her house.

Whenever the main character returns from their adventures, she's usually joyed to see them return, reminding that they have a home at Cassardis, and always will have a family there.



  • "Welcome home, hero."

During The Chef's Blade

  • "Though you be hero to all the lands, none can name you family save us. I know you pursue aspirations beyond my reckoning, but I pray you return to us when all is well and finished."


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