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Merin is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


A fisherman from Cassardis. He lost his brother in the dragon's attack on the village.

A fisherman of Cassardis, he survives the initial attack by the Dragon unharmed, (Harbinger of Destruction); and resumes his normal life with the rest of the village. He is "friends" with Valmiro, and grows concerned for him when Valmiro goes on his expeditions.

Merin lives in Cassardis in the two story Fisherman's House house, just north of the Arisen's house, with Mayra and Lewes. He can also be found on the beach area by day and inside Inez's Alehouse at the evening.




  • "Any case, you're the talk of the tavern, cousin. Way folks carry on, you walk on water and you shoot fire from your arse!"


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