Miasmic Haunt is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Miasmic Haunt is a large swamp in the Barta Crags region.

Treading through the Miasmic Haunt's swampy waters during the day can inflict the debilitations BlindnessSilence and Poison, but won't drench. At night the presence of glowing fireflies appears to nullify (or somehow relate to) the effect of the poisonous waters.

For loot, see Barta Crags § Loot.


A number of people wish to be escorted to a small island in the larger swamp.

For a route and guidance, see Escort Quest Walkthroughs § Miasmic Haunt.

Pawn Chatter

"The fetor that corrupts this place at least offers unique materials for harvest."
"Have you noticed the fireflies neutralize the poison of the marsh by night?" (at night)
"Signs of a camp, out here...?" (around the southern campsite)


  • Traveling here or hereabout at night may be necessary for area knowledge stars for Gransys.