Mitigator is one of the nine Pawn inclinations in Dragon's Dogma.


"Directs the pawn to act in a way such that it might first wipe out the least dangerous of any group."

This inclination can be raised by attacking weak targets first. It can also be raised by using the item Mitigator's Elixir.

Mitigator pawns will prioritize attacking the weakest foes first above all other actions.

Combination Examples

  • Scather/Mitigator + Nexus: Setting this combination will cause the pawn to target strong/weak enemies targeting the other pawns, but can cause confusion in the AI if the pawns are too far away from attackers as the pawn will simply run back and forth between the target and its teammates.
  • Scather/Mitigator + Pioneer: This will cause a similar effect to the above. This can be useful for a Fighter pawn set to tank as this will typically ensure they are the first target the monsters see, but this can lead to them being swarmed with enemies so plan accordingly.
  • Scather/Challenger/Mitigator + Medicant: If you have two mage pawns, and one focuses more on offensive spells but still has access to Anodyne, any of these combinations can be used for an effective "Back-up" healer who will step in when an ally becomes critically hurt without the need to use "Help!"