Moonbeam Gem is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Brilliant gem that emits a wonderful glow".

It serves as a key to magic doors within Duskmoon Tower. There are eight chamber doors in total each requiring a separate gem - behind each door is a treasure chests.


Listed in order of discovery from Bitterblack Isle Harbor :

  • The Warriors' Respite - In the alcove above Barroch, on the desk behind the bookcase.
  • Tower of Treasons Repaid - In the first floor (underground), at the very end of the ditch with the poisoned water, drop off the northernmost point to find the gem in a small alcove near a corpse. View the map.
  • The Bloodless Stockade - In a pile of bones in the sewer on the first level underground. View the map.
  • The Arisen's Refuge - In front of the fireplace next to Barroch.
  • The Fallen City - In the lap of a corpse sitting upright near the northern cliff edge and treasure chest #18.
  • Bitterblack Sanctum - In the middle chest (#2) after defeating Daimon. The chest re-spawns anew every time Daimon is defeated, providing an unlimited supply of Moonbeam Gems (although only 8 Moonbeam Gems are needed to open each chamber door in the Duskmoon Tower).


  • Functions in a similar way to the Watergod's Altar Key.
  • The usefulness of each chest item varies greatly. Choose wisely which item would be most beneficial for the Arisen's current needs. The chest contents will always be the same for each chamber location. Refer to the Duskmoon Tower page for the location of each of the 8 items and their beneficial properties.
  • Gems cannot be duplicated by Mountebank at The Black Cat in Gran Soren. It appears on the list but cannot be selected for duplication.