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Moonsbit Pass is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A well travelled road that overlooks Gran Soren.

"I have led many troops through the treacherous crags of Moonsbit Pass. Its name comes from one of the great poet Lunorl's compositions. When he looked upon the moon obscured by the mountain's jagged peak, he saw a bite taken out of its surface. When I look upon the moon, I see a stern warning of the dangers that lie ahead. One must watch their footing carefully as they traverse the jagged path or else plummet to the rocks below. And keep your eyes trained on the sky, for harpies soar above the mountain and are known to attack unaware travelers."
Ser Berne

The Moonsbit Pass leads from the southern road out of Grans Soren, to The Mountain Waycastle, the Manamia Trail and beyond. The only habitation within the area is the Mountain Cottage.

The area is prone to rockfalls.


Monsters and inhabitants Edit

The pass is home to Harpies, Wolves, Goblins, and Bandits. Antony and Stone may be found in the Mountain Cottage during the day.

In the Post-Game more dangerous Geo Saurians, Succubi, and Grimgoblins appear, as well as a Golem. The Mountain cottage is taken over by Skeleton Lords, and over skeletal enemies also appear at night.

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