Moonshower Cliffs is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A set of cliffs overlooking Gran Soren and Cape Pactforge to the north; and the Cobal Coast to the south. This small area can be quickly reached by traveling south from Gran Soren and following the trail east before the waycastle leading into the mountains. These cliffs are home to the Stones of Courage as well as a pack of goblins and hobgoblins.

One route south through here from the Estan plains allows a drop down to the Cobal Coast, and so to the Manamia Trail and ultimately Cassardis without passing through Moonsbit Pass - due to the drop the reverse route is not possible.

The part of the cliffs around the Stones of Courage is home to a large pack of Goblins and Hobgoblin, whilst an isolated area further from the sea is infested with numerous Spiders.


For contents of chests here and in the Moonsbit Pass, see Moonsbit Pass § Loot

Greenwarish and Grandgrapes are common here, and a number of chests contain relatively inexpensive but useful curatives.