Mushroom Potage is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A thick, creamy broth made from a special blend of mushrooms. Drink it to boost Stamina for a short time."

Restores 1250 Stamina to all in the party.

Mushroom Potage can be described as the best stamina curative known in Gransys. While Staminal Drench and the certain mushrooms have higher restoration per unit weight, they only heal a single person. The cost of the potage is very good; the cheapest per unit stamina healed of all group potions, and comparable to the cheapest of stamina restoratives, though the humble Mushroom is superior, as are other some other common items if bought fresh and allowed to ripen.

The next best readily available or make-able group curatives is Rousing Incense which works out as five times more expensive and three times heavier, for each stamina point restored.

For more information see List of Health and Stamina Curatives.



Product of

Item Item Product
Cragshadow Morel + Fiend's Perch = Mushroom Potage
Cragshadow Morel + Reminishroom = Mushroom Potage
Cragshadow Morel + Polar Mushroom = Mushroom Potage
Fiend's Perch + Reminishroom = Mushroom Potage
Toadstool Sitter + Pyrepipe = Mushroom Potage


  • It is important to note that the item description is misleading; it says the item 'boosts Stamina for a time', when all it does is restore it. Maximum Stamina is not increased (as with Decade-Dried Harspud or Fiendish Essence).
  • When a group stamina curative (like Mushroom Potage) is given to a pawn they will automatically use the item whenever they or an ally runs low on stamina, thereby refreshing the entire party in the process. Pressing the left D-pad once will prompt a pawn to cancel its exhaustion animation by addressing its stamina issues immediately. By making only Mushroom Potage available to a pawn, the pawn will automatically use the Mushroom Potage to refresh the entire party and spare the player the effort of manually replenishing the Arisen's (and the party's) stamina levels.
  • Giving a Great Gamble-equipped Ranger pawn only Mushroom Potages to refresh their stamina exhaustion will continually benefit the entire party by acting as a "Stamina battery".  This will similarly benefit a party with a Dragon's Maw-equipped Fighter pawn, as this skill quickly drains stamina.