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Nameless Terror
Quest Nameless Terror
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Ser Rickart
Quest Location
Southern Gate of Gran Soren
Seeking Salvation or Come to Court
30,000 Gold
12,000 Exp.
5 Rift Crystals
Tightly Folded Letter

Nameless Terror is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Beg pardon, Arisen. I'm sure this is a small matter, but I would yet have you hear it. I was at my post before the castle not long ago, when a strange man came around asking after your whereabouts. Even more curious, when I told him I knew not, he swore me tell no one of our encounter. Have you some enemy, Arisen? His eyes were..mad. I shall never forget them... I beg you, be wary." -Ser Rickart

The air is thick with a sense of foreboding. Does aught lurk ahead in the shadows? Are you being watched?

  • Survive the ambush.


  • When leaving the southern gate of Gran Soren, talk to Ser Rickart, and he hands over an Unsigned Letter as well as a foreboding warning. This initiates the quest to hunt down and kill the assassins.
    • The unsigned letter description: "Let the Arisen's only peace be death."
  • Map markers will appear when the party is in the vicinity of the ambush zone, even if passed by during the day time. The Nameless Men, however, will not appear unless it is night time.


There are five groups of assassins to seek out and kill on the roads between 8PM and 4AM. Do not confuse the assassins with the Salvation cultists lurking outside Gran Soren's northern gate. The "Nameless Men" will (ironically) introduce themselves to help identify them as the assassins.

Quest Nameless Terror Loc1

Phantom, Ghost, Soul and SpiritsEdit

  • On the road just past the bridge northwest of Gran Soren right before the path forks east and west. Be wary of a massive skeleton attack at the same time.
Quest Nameless Terror Loc2

Raven, Hawk and CondorEdit

Quest Nameless Terror Loc3


  • On the stretch of road which is between the half-way gate-point to Gran Soren and the Mountain Waycastle, near the Mountain Cottage and the Harpy Hills. The ambush is a bit tricky to find as there are multiple spawn locations. One ambush location is near the Mountain Cottage, or at the cage with Harpies around it, or at the big tree at the other end of the trail, or close to Gran Soren before reaching the gate and Goblins. If Darkness does not appear at all along this route, the Arisen may proceed directly to face Rouge and Noir before finally facing Zero, their leader. It is possible to complete this quest without ever slaying Darkness.
Quest Nameless Terror Loc4

Rouge and NoirEdit

  • Follow the road from the Encampment to the Mountain Waycastle, they will be at a loop in the road just north of the Abandoned Storehouse.
Quest Nameless Terror Loc5


  • Zero should only appear if all the other Nameless Men are killed, although many players encounter Zero outside Cassardis without ever facing Darkness along the mountain Moonsbit Pass. Just outside Cassardis' main gate, the leader Zero will spawn. Once he is dead, the quest is over. There is a known glitch that if you kill the leader before his introduction speech is over, the quest will not complete immediately. Enter Cassardis and then exit back out in to Gransys, and the quest will complete as normal.


  • The quest reward Tightly Folded Letter is used for the DLC quest; Lost Faith.
    • Please note that the DLC quest; Lost Faith is not to be confused with the non-DLC quest; Lost Faith.
  • The quest reward's letter's content reads: "All children of the true god know the Arisen is the end of hope, not its source. See this evil expunged."
  • "Blade of The Throat" is the theme that plays during each ambush.

Bugs Edit

The video details how Zero can be killed repeatedly. His speech, 'I am the void...' must be allowed to be spoken. If Zero is slain before his speech, the quest cannot be completed.

Nameless Terror Glitch05:15

Nameless Terror Glitch

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