New Game Plus (commonly referred to as NG+) is an unlockable game mode achievable once the player has successfully completed the final quest of Dragon's Dogma - The Great Hereafter.

A New Game Plus begins the entire story and quests from the beginning, but with the previous character's appearance, vocation, level development, Skills, Gold, Experience Points, Rift Crystals and inventory intact; the Main Pawn's level development, skills, appearance and personality are also retained.

Caution! Choose "Load Game" or "Hard Mode" to begin New Game Plus, not "New Game"!

Warning! Selecting "New Game" at the main menu will start a completely brand new game at Level 1 and all previous work, Arisen, Main Pawn, earnings, weapons, items, and progress will be lost


To begin a New Game Plus simply fully complete the game (The Great Hereafter), after the credits have rolled the prompt will appear: "Load Cleared Game" - this starts a new game using the previous Arisen - a "New Game Plus".

Nothing is lost on starting a New Game Plus, excluding previous quest progress - any quest items earned in earlier games will be retained. The Arisen's and Pawn's development and complete item inventory will be retained.

The Arisen will still begin the game in a plain Set of Fisherman's Garb with the choice of a basic vocation. Once the initial encounter with the Dragon has occurred any previously acquired weapons and inventory can be accessed at the first opportunity to visit an Inn - typically Pablos' Inn in Cassardis. Higher level vocations can be re-chosen once the player reaches Asalam in Gran Soren, or if playing the Dark Arisen version of the game, reaching Olra at the dock on Bitterblack Isle once the player's main pawn has been retrieved.

Be careful when starting a New Game Plus - the option "Load Game" should be chosen from the Main Menu. Selecting "New Game" at the main menu will start a completely brand new game at Level 1 and all previous work, Arisen, Main Pawn, earnings, weapons, items, and progress will be lost!

Since quest progression is reset in New Game Plus, changes to Gransys from the previous playthrough will be reverted - the Everfall reverts to its initial state, the Greatwall fortress is repaired, Bitterblack Isle reverts to its initial state; doors that had been unlocked now stand closed, and so on.

Changes in New Game Plus

A new Riftstone appears on the Starfall Bay in Cassardis which will take the Arisen directly to the Chamber of Lament to fight the Ur-Dragon.

Portcrystals will be available for sale at The Black Cat for purchase, allowing the Arisen to place up to ten fast travel portals around Gransys.

Shops retain the stock they had at the end of the previous game.


A few new creature elimination quests appear offering substantial gold rewards - these include:


  • "New Game" should only ever be chosen if the player wishes to start over completely with a Level 1 Arisen.
  • In Dark Arisen a NG+ also resets Bitterblack Isle.
  • Enemy levels do not increase; difficulty is not changed in any way.
  • On beginning NG+ all previously deployed Portcrystals are still present; however they are only usable upon reaching Gran Soren.
  • Explored areas of the Map are retained.
  • New Game Plus can be restarted any number of times. Successive playthroughs are sometimes referred to as "New Game Plus Plus" (NG++), and so forth.
  • The player can access how many times they've completed the game under the History menu.
  • Through restarting, it is possible to obtain multiple Gold Idols, Signs of Valors, Gryphic Victories, Lustrous Targes, Silver Rapiers, Divine Razors, Paladin's Mantles, and Grigori weapons. In particular the ability to acquire a further Wyrmking's Ring is of great use parties with more than one spellcaster.
  • Fournival's verdict can be reset.
  • A new beloved can be chosen this way.


  • There have been reported bugs if the Dark Arisen DLC: The Crucible of the Lost is downloaded and New Game Plus is started: Shops may fully upgrade their stock, thus unlocking their entire inventory.