Nexus is one of the nine Pawn inclinations in the game Dragon's Dogma.


"Directs the pawn to act in a way such that it might act to keep its fellow pawns from danger above all else."

This inclination can be raised by regularly reviving forfeited pawns, or by using the item Nexus's Elixir.

Nexus functions similarly to Guardian, except that the pawn will support other pawns instead of the Arisen. Nexus pawns will try their best to support the other pawns in the party, but the exact effects vary significantly between the pawn's other major inclination and their vocation.

If Nexus is set to the Primary inclination, the pawn's vocation will determine exactly how the pawn will support its teammates. For example, a Fighter with Shield Summons or Shield Drum will use the skill to draw enemies attention; whilst a Mage pawn will regularly heal the other pawns in the party. However, unless Guardian is set as another inclination, the pawn will ignore the Arisen unless all other pawns in the party are in near-perfect condition.

Combination Examples

  • Challenger + Nexus: Setting this combination will cause the pawn to target ranged and magickal enemies targeting the other pawns, but can cause confusion in the AI if the pawns are too far away from said ranged attackers as the pawn will simply run back and forth between the target and its teammates.
  • Scather/Mitigator + Nexus: This will cause a similar effect to the above, except that the pawn will target the strong/weak enemies instead of ranged/magickal. The unfortunate side-effect of running back and forth between enemies and the master still persists in this combination.
  • Utilitarian + Nexus: This functions almost identically as with Guardian, except that instead of the Arisen, a pawn with this setup will strive to use its abilities in the best way to protect its fellow pawns. For example, a Fighter pawn will regularly use Shield Summons/Shield Drum on any enemy targeting the other pawns, but will still change tactics as appropriate when fighting varied monster types. This can also cause pawns to use more crowd control abilities. Keep in mind that the AI can sometimes have difficulty choosing which pawn to aid and is not to be trusted to make the best choices. If the inclinations are reversed to have Nexus as the primary, this will have the pawn regularly rush between the other pawns on the battlefield, which can be very useful for a tank, but can confuse Strider/Ranger AI.
  • Medicant + Nexus: This combination can have dire effects if used with a large amount of melee-centric support pawns. Although the pawn with these inclinations will strive to keep its party healthy, it will regularly cancel healing spells and recast it on pawns that lose more health than the other, which can quickly escalate to be a vicious and deadly cycle. Further, if this pairing is switched to have Nexus as primary, the pawn will almost always choose the Arisen last unless he or she specifically calls for aid.
  • Acquisitor + Nexus: Although this won't have much of an effect on battle tactics, this will ensure that this pawn will regularly pick up items dropped all over the current battlefield, though be warned they will fill up quickly as they do not discriminate between valuable treasure and common rocks. This can be helpful while farming.


  • As with Guardian, the Nexus inclination can cause some confusion in pawn behaviours and can result in the pawn spending a disproportionate amount of time running back and forth between its teammates and foes.
  • Because of the chaotic nature of battles, this inclination can have some very unwelcome effects. In contrast to Guardian instead of only one ally to protect, the pawn now has up to three to worry about and this can cause massive confusion in its decision making capabilities. It is not uncommon for pawns with this inclination to run about frenetically while doing nothing during battles.
  • The Pioneer inclination can cause friction within the pawn AI and will regularly cause the pawn to run back and forth between the pawns and enemy groups while performing little to no actions.
  • Nexus may be raised on a Magnanimous Cloak pawn using curatives.
  • See also Pawn Inclination troubleshooting