Night time
"Let the fire burn, or the darkness consume you."

Night is part of the regular progression of time following the day, in Dragon's Dogma, night causes different creatures to become active, and requires the use of a Lantern or other light source to see clearly. During night the game takes on a survival-horror approach akin to Capcom's Resident Evil  series. Enemies are more common and dangerous during this time, and one certainly wouldn't want a Drake fight in the middle of it all.

The day-night cycle

One must have a grasp of time in order to avoid the night, so going to Inns to rest is always a good idea as you'll always start during the morning the next day. Both day and night cycles last for approximately forty-eight real-world minutes.

Different areas in Gransys have different star constellations in the night sky. Once one is familiar with these patterns, the movement of constellations is a reliable method to tell time.  For example, in Cassardis, a tiny cluster of tightly-grouped stars, the Pleiades, appears on the eastern horizon about three "hours" before dawn. Once the Pleiades have risen 20 degrees into the night sky, dawn is imminent. The one constellation that appears in the zenith of all zones' night sky is, appropriately enough, Draco. It is too large to see in its entirety.


Plant life

Some items can only be found at night. Moonglow flowers grow by the moonlight, generally close to water, and cannot be gathered during the day. Conversely, the flower Sunbright can only be found during the daytime. Additionally, certain items can only be recovered from vanquished monsters that appear at night.


Many monsters only appear at night, or in dark places such as underground caverns and dungeons.

Ghosts, Skeletons and other Undead only appear above ground during the night.

Of the items obtained from skeletons and their undead cousins most cannot obtained elsewhere excluding Scrap Iron, Rusted Plate and Skulls.

The more powerful enemies appearing at night include Wights and Ogres - Wights release an Immortelle or Black Crystal on being returned to death, and an Ogre's corpse may give anOgre Bone, Ogre Spur, Ogre Tooth, or Unspeakable Meat.

Bandits tend to return to a camp or building during the night, such as the Mountain Cottage, whilst other humanoids like Goblins become more bold, taking to the roads in ambush parties. Wolves are also emboldened at night.

People and houses

The people of Gransys generally lock their houses at night, with themselfs inside - if the Arisen stays inside a person's home 'til after dark the door will be locked, though they can still exit from inside, they will not be able to enter again until day.


The flowers Sunbright, Grandblossom, Thornflower, and White Orchid only flower during the day.

Bandits may leave their camp and roam the open roads during the day. Similarily, Griffins hunt by day. If you don't kill it before sunset, it will fly back to its nest.


Underground locations like the Catacombs are always dark so it is always treated like night there - the rule that undead enemies only appear at night does not apply on Bitterblack Isle, the Everfall, or during the Post-Game.

On Bitterblack Isle, it often appears to be night, as lit by moonlight, though the normal day-night cycle continues in the background - for the purposes of night specific augments such as Bloodlust the Gransysian time zone applies - Bloodlust is not permanent on the Isle, nor does it activate due to darkness.

Light sources

See also Light source

The Lantern is the standard source of light. The arisen's Lantern casts the greatest radius of light - pawn's lanterns only cast a small glow. In general the lantern is essential adventuring equipment. There are numerous other ways to bring light to the darkness - a lit piece of kindling provides good light. The spell Magickal Flare provides intense holy illumination - other spells and explosions will provide temporary lighting also.

In the wider world, there are numerous fires, torches, and braziers that illuminate.


  • There can be advantages to turning off the Lantern at night - for Archers using ranged attacks certain enemies such as Wolves and others are easily visible at a distance from the reflected red glow of their eyes, making them easy to target. The lantern will overwhelm this effect.
  • Some of the stronger Assassin Augments only activate at night.
    • For the purposes of the Augment Bloodlust night commences at 'deep night', roughly 9 p.m.  These augments' effects will vanish with the first ray of sunlight.
  • Always be wary and listen to sounds carefully, they might help you notice monsters before you run into them.