Northface Forest is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"I nearly died at the claws and fangs of the vicious direwolves that inhabit the Northface Forest. I had set up camp in the forest after losing my way in the midst of a fierce storm. If I had known exactly where I was, I never would have stopped moving. The direwolves attacked in the middle of the night. A flaming torch was enough to keep them at bay while I ran for my life, but not before one of the beasts had sunk its fangs into my right arm. The wound took months to heal. And while my experience was harrowing, I remain thankful that I was at least able to avoid the horrible snow harpies."
Aldous, Chamberlain to the Duke[1]

A region to the north of Windbluff Tower, stretching north from the Deos Hills including Hillfigure Knoll, continuing north as far as the Blighted Manse. Much of the region is wooded with coniferous trees.

The area is primarily home to Snow Harpies and Direwolves, and at night, Undead Warriors will spawn. A Griffin sometimes stalks the area around the Knoll, and a Chimera may be found near the boundary with the Deos Hills. The main road north of Windbluff Tower is often blocked by a Cyclops.

There is a bandit camp at the Abandoned Campsite. South of the camp Bandits often lay an ambush on the road leading past the cliffs north of Windbluff Tower.

The northern extremity of the area also includes the Windworn Valley and the rest camp known as Travelers' Rest. In the far northern part there are the The Blighted Manse and its 'Rear Entrance' located, the area around the latter is home to a Chimera. At the far northern point is a Healing Spring.


For items found withing the cave at Hillfigure Knoll, see that article.

Many of the trees contain nests, flora includes Wintry Herb, as well as Destiny Grass, White Orchids and other common herbs, and Apples are common in more open areas.

Some Ore deposits on the western edge may give fairly valuable ores, including Fuligin Ore, otherwise the area is sparsely populated with little man-made materials or activity.

There are white stone sarcophagi in the northern part of Northface Forest en route to the Healing Spring - these can contain either Flutter Padding, Veteran's Periapt, or a Snakeskin Purse; a further three sarcophagi may be found north and nortwest of the cave at Hillfigure Knoll - these may contain a Jewel of Silence, Jewel of Darkness, and a Jewel of Time.

Note : chest loot lists are incomplete
Map Chest Loot
Northface chests
1 Mounted Pale, Brigandine Jerkin
2 Decoction of Bandlily, Steel Nut Salve, Large Coin Pouch, Tagilus's Miracle
3 Large Coin Pouch, Spicy Mushroom Tea, Argence
4 Large Coin Pouch
5 Bandit's Mask
6 Gossip's Mask
7 Large Coin Pouch
8 Large Coin Pouch
9 White Wine
10 Oak Leaf Oil
11 Large Coin Pouch, Jewel of Time
12 Large Coin Pouch, Peppermint Seed, Oak Leaf Oil
13 Salomet's Secret, Steel Nut Salve, Tagilus's Miracle
14 Coin Pouch, Sleeper Arrow x10, Blast Arrow x10, Throwblast
15 Red Wine, Harspud Sauce
16 Bespoke Longbow, Giant Coin Pouch
17 Large Coin Pouch, Vigor Extract, Giant Coin Pouch
18 (to west of entrance behind stones)

Large Coin Pouch, Coin Pouch, Jewel of Health, Jewel of Time, Seeker's Token


Hillfigure Knoll is the location of several main quest events - including The Cypher, the beginning part of the The Final Battle, and The Dragon's Tongue.

There are several monster hunting quests, including Dire Straits, and A Dire Need (Direwolves); An Airborne Plague, and Harpy Hunting (Snow Harpies); and Winged Reaver (Griffin).

Hillfigure Knoll and the Healing Spring are also the destination for several escort quests.



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