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The Ogre is a large foe in Dragon's Dogma.


Smaller than a Cyclops but bigger than a human, these creatures possess a level of intelligence and brute strength that make them very dangerous, especially in close quarters. It resembles and behaves like a giant gorilla-like creature; Ogres are extremely powerful and quite agile.

When Ogres grow enraged, their rear end starts to glow red. An Ogre is cunning enough to know when a Pawn or Arisen is climbing it and will promptly jump into the air and land on its back in order to crush their attackers.

They get excited when they see females and will speed up their fury and attack faster the more women are in the party. When they grow enraged, their cheeks and buttocks will turn pinkish-red and Ogres will then roar and charge wildly, flailing their arms like a huge gorilla. Ogres can turn corners with ease, making it difficult to dodge. Ogres can grab a Pawn or the player and run off a short distance to chew on them, causing a significant amount of damage.

General Info


Attack Type Description
Punch Phys Slams its arm into the ground near a target.
Uppercut Phys Does a large fist uppercut to a target in front of it. Throws enemy in the air.
Back Suplex Phys If climbing on its back, it will leap up and land on its back, flattening anyone there.
Fist Clap Phys Smashes its fists together at a target, dealing damage and knocking them down for a short time. This is usually followed by a grab attack.
Grab and Chew Phys/Spec Grabs a downed target and runs away for some distance before squeezing the target. After a moment, it will take a bite out of the target and drop them, causing significant damage. Free yourself (rotate L-stick) or your Pawn by attacking the hands before this happens.

The Ogre will recoil backwards in disgust if it takes a bite out of a male character, which leaves it vulnerable for a short time.

Muscle Guard Spec Covers its face with its forearms and tightens its muscles to raise its defense significantly. It uses this stance when it sees a powerful attack coming. Strong enough attacks or magick attacks can break this guard.
Charge Phys Charges at a target. It does this more often in Rampage mode.
Rampage Phys When low on HP, it will go berserk and begin charging and flailing at random targets, usually the Arisen. Significant damage will knock it down in this state. They may also be lured into falling off cliffs in this state.
Dropkick Phys Runs back and then leaps at a target for a dropkick, knocking the recipient to the ground or potentially off cliffs.
Ground Pound Phys Jumps into the air and lands on its back, causing massive damage to anyone who was on its back or behind it.


Health Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense Weight
? ? ? ? ? ?

Damage Taken

Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
 ?  ? 120% 120% 120% 120% 40%


Ogres respawn every 3 days in the open world.




Fighter vs 4 Ogres. No damage04:29

Fighter vs 4 Ogres. No damage.

Solo Fighter with Ascalon sword vs 4 Ogres near the Abbey at night. While attacking from the rear is safer, attacking the head inflicts more damage. Without a shield, Hindsight Strike is used to evade and counter the Ogre's attacks.

  • Can be Cursed. Also vulnerable to Lowered Strength.
  • Immune to Blindness and Petrification
  • Ice attacks can occasionally freeze a part of their body and slow them down.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor and Poisoning.
  • Vulnerable to Sleep.
    • It is claimed that an Ogre struck with five sleep arrows will sleep permanently, instead of the usual short period.(verify)
  • The head is its weak spot. Aim attacks there for extra damage.
    • The Ogre can take a defensive posture blocking attacks to it's head - staggering or stunning the ogre may break this defense.
  • A temporarily recumbant ogre, such as after its 'drop kick' is vulnerable, and takes extra damage.
  • Sneak attacks on a sleeping or eating Ogre will incur a sneak attack damage bonus.
  • Unlike a Cyclops, it is difficult to stun an Ogre with Lightning. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to stun an enraged Ogre, and they are also less prone to staggering when enraged.
  • After successfully avoiding a charge attack grabbing the Ogre before it regains it's balance will result in the Ogre being downed (Works even when an ogre is enraged).


  • Fighters : Caution - Ogres can grab characters even in the middle of executing Dragon's Maw or Hindsight Strike -when the Arisen usually expects to be briefly invincible to attack.
  • If climbing the monster and it reaches up to grab, Instant Reset can be used as an emergency dismount to avoid being grabbed and eaten.
  • When climbed on from behind, an Ogre will counter by jumping up and landing on its back.
    • Be prepared to dismount quickly (instant reset can be used, as well as jumping) to avoid the Ogre's counterattack
    • Take advantage of this predictable behavior to bait the Ogre into jumping onto its back, as Ogres are vulnerable when they are on the ground.
  • Fighting two or more Ogres at once can be surprisingly beneficial to the player, as the Ogres will occasionally hit each other, inflicting substantial damage. Their drop kick in particular can really do some damage to fellow Ogres.
  • When enraged, the Ogre will flush red and charge at the Arisen. This can used to the Arisen's advantage if there are sheer cliffs or water nearby, as the Ogre can be lured over the edge for an easy kill (this will usually relinquish any reward drops). Be careful not to get dragged along with it over the edge.
  • Arisen may want to kill and smaller enemies in the area first before attacking the Ogre.

Related quests

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Ogre Strategy Vol. 1 - Climb the Ogre while it is not guarding and pull it to the ground.
  • Ogre Strategy Vol. 2 - Ogres are more vulnerable while chasing their prey.
  • Attack the head, it is a weak spot.
  • When climbing its back it will notice the person doing it and do a back suplex to crush them under it. Getting hit by this move or avoiding this move may grant knowledge.
  • Weak to Sleep.

Enemy Specific

  • Weak to Fire.
  • Having a Female in the party gets the Ogre excited, making its cheeks and buttocks flush red. It then targets and chases that Female without paying any attention to other party members.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 50 Ogres either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

More information can be found on the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page.


  • Given their interest in human women, it is unsurprising that so many live near The Abbey.


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