This a Page in The Monument of Remembrance. This page is about Olra, the pawn of Ashe and Grette

Olra's Account

"To serve her master, and be as she commands. To be shaped in her image. That is the part of a pawn. But my master’s image is no longer her own. Defeated by the world-steward, she fell into perdition. Having witnessed her fail to achieve her purpose, my breast was filled with regret. Yet amid that darkness, a spark of light, too, took root. Within my soul, a crude and inchoate mirror to the Arisen’s own, a new strength emerged, I had awoken to love.

I came to notice the changes within me as his tireless ministrations saw my shattered memory slowly mend. I came to love him. Though his heart was lost, he seemed more alive than ever. He burned with new purpose: to slay the wyrm and avenge Grette. I became his pawn of my own will. I, too, saw in this a new calling. To love him, serve him, and lend him strength. Ultimately, to become as him. It was a fate I welcomed gladly.

Defeat me, or speak your wish and offer up a sacrifice. A second time, I heard the dragon’s bargain spoke. Yet I felt a strange reluctance in its tone. As if the ultimatum were given unwilling.
And in that moment, I knew it.
The wyrm we now faced was my former master transformed.
The revelation tore him apart. Whichever his choice, the wages were cruel tragedy.
A new and dark desire poured forth from his sundered soul. His wish for power to destroy all existence marked me for death.

And yet I never blamed him.
For as my life was snuffled out. I held firm to my belief. The day would come, I knew, when he, our master, and I myself would find redemption.