Onward is a trophy and/or achievement available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Departed from Cassardis."

How to Obtain

  • This trophy/achievement is obtained by stepping outside of Cassardis.


  • This is story related and cannot be missed.
  • WARNING!: As soon as you exit and unlock this trophy or achievement, a Merchant can be seen being attacked by a group of Goblins. This is Reynard, a Quest NPC. If the Player does not intervene during this encounter, Reynard will not be available to initiate his quest. He will not be killed but his behavior changes in a way that makes the quest unavailable.
  • Thus, the consequence of not intervening to rescue Reynard removes his quest, Search Party, from the game. Search Party, moreover, is one of the quests that is required to unlock The Hero trophy or achievement. Finally, Reynard, is a shopkeeper with some unique wares. He is also one of the few characters who can enhance weapons and armor so his death reduces a source of enhancement.