Pastona Cavern is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Pastona Cavern is a canyon path that stretches from Windworn Valley in the North, to Cutlass Cape and The Bluemoon Tower in the South. It includes the locations Bandit's Den and Smugglers' Pass as well as a number of alcoves and structures dug out from the canyon walls.

The Den and much of the Cavern are occupied by Bandits, whilst the Smugglers' Pass is home to skeletons. Both are full of chests, with much good loot. Spiders, Crows and Snakes are also found here, and at night the open areas outside the bandit's control also become infested with Skeleton Mages and Skeleton Knights.

At the Bandit's Den there are two Snow Harpies and a Golem.

The common plants and fungi found here are Destiny Grass, Large Mushrooms, Sunbright, Windmill Flower and Wintry Herb. Ores found in the rocks included Silver, Gold, Fuligin and Sorrowstone.

There may also be two Wakestone Shards - one at the Windworn Valley end, at the far end of a small gorge; another can be found in Smugglers' Pass.

Points of Interest


Some of the Badges of Vows are found here.


  • While called a "cavern" in the game, it is technically a "canyon".