Pawn Guild is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

It can be found in the Craftsman's Quarter of Gran Soren.


The Pawn Guild has a Knowledge Chair, where the Arisen can change their Main Pawn's inclination slightly or behavior of speech. A Rift Stone can be found here as well. Two noticeboards are present, one at the main level and one below the guild in the basement - the lower level also has an entrance to the Everfall.

Outside is a Portcrystal which is used as the primary Ferrystone destination for Gran Soren.


The Pawn Guild is first visited during the quest A Matter of Myrmidons, where the Arisen learns more of Pawns and their guild by talking to Barnaby who is the founder of the Pawn Guild.

After completing this quest Barnaby will grant another quest called Lure of the Abyss which involves investigating an evil presence deep beneath the Pawn Guild.

Notice board quests

The notice board in the pawn guild basement is used to give the From a Different Sky quests (DLC).

The Pawn Guild Notice Board is located on the ground floor of the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren. It serves as a questgiver for the generic eradication quests. It's recommended to hop by sometimes to take on some quest you can do while you are adventuring outside.

Quest Task Reward
Bone of Contention Kill 36 Skeletons Reward: 10,000G, 3,000 Exp. and 60 Skulls.
Dire Straits Kill 15 Direwolves Reward: 20,000G and 3,000 Exp.
Put the Eye Out Kill the Cyclops in the Frontier Caverns Reward: 10,000G, 3,000 Exp. and a Silver Idol
Sisters in Peril Kill 2 Ogres Reward: 10,000G and 3,000 Exp.
Suppression Kill 3 Chimeras Reward: 25,000G and 3,000 Exp.
Suppression Kill 3 Gargoyles Reward 25,000G and 3,000 Exp.
Swamp Things Kill 10 Sulfur Saurians Reward: 25,000G and 3,000 Exp.
The Absent Apprentice Kill 45 Rabbits Reward: 10,000G and 3,000 Exp.
The Absent Apprentice Kill 25 Crows Reward: 85,000G and 3,000 Exp.
Fears of a Pawn Kill 8 Ogres Reward: 10,000G, 3,000 Exp. and an additional 750,000G


  • Every week, a Ferrystone will respawn at the Portcrystal outside.
  • After defeating the Dragon the innkeeper Asalam will move shop to the Pawn Guild. All the normal facilities of the Inn will still be available.
  • Even after tha cataclysm following the defeat of the Dragon, the Pawn Guild still has a functional exit to the Everfall from its basement.