"Our fealty is sworn to you, Arisen."


Pawns, sometimes referred to as Myrmidons[1], are denizens of the Rift; lacking emotion and a true will of their own, they follow the Arisen, one who has been chosen by The Dragon.


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A Pawn being selected in the Rift.

All pawns carry a glowing scar upon their hand that corresponds to the scar upon the Arisen's chest. Other than the scar, Pawns look human physically, the difference being that they neither age nor truly die; they lack any sort of real emotion and willpower.

The Arisen is introduced to pawns and their place in the world during the quests Upon a Pawn and Call of the Arisen. More of the nature of pawns is revealed during Selene's questline, at the end of the later quest Witch Hunt, where the Arisen learns of the Bestowal of Spirit.

Finally, the future for the Arisen's own pawn is learnt at the end of the final quest The Great Hereafter.

Main Pawn

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Every Arisen has their own Main Pawn. This pawn has the closest relationship with the Arisen, and their name, appearance, behaviour, vocation, equipment and so on are all chosen by their master.

Hired Pawns

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Up to two pawns can be hired at a time for a maximum party size of four.

Before hiring a Pawn, it is possible to view their clothing, armor , stats, skills, inclinations, bestiary, quest and travel knowledge, as one would for one's own pawn. Hired pawns do not gain Experience Points or Discipline Points whilst in the party, instead they earn Rift Crystals for their own Arisen. It's not possible to hire pawns if the main pawn is lost, or in the Rift.

The Arisen may equip and this way gift certain weapons, armor, clothing, and rings on hired pawns and gift items on release - see Trading and Gifting. Ratings on appearance, battle, and helpfulness, and a comment can also be given on release.

They can be found and summoned within the Rift (accessed via Riftstone) and congregate around the Pawn Guild, in the Urban Quarter, Fields, and Craftsman's Quarter in Gran Soren, and at The Encampment.

Wandering Pawns

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Wandering Pawns can be recruited by talking to them on the roads, paths, and streets of Gransys - they are from the same group that pawns found in the Rift are from, and answer to an Arisen.

Corrupted Pawns

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Pawns may involuntarily turn against the Arisen in certain situations, and start to attack them (sometimes known as Possessed Pawns). This can happen if Dragonkin or Ghosts manage to possess them. Can be cured with certain potions or High Halidom.

Other possessed pawns are found in The Everfall (Post-Dragon), specifically in the Chamber of Lament - these are other Arisen's pawns that have been somehow corrupted and brought to the chamber to fight before the Ur-Dragon.

A third type of Corrupted Pawn appears on Bitterblack Isle; these pawns have no masters - these most likely died in that place's halls. They act confused, ask to fight by the Arisen's side, when at the same time they attack the party. They cannot be cured of their ailment, or hired; instead they may be fought and killed.

Other pawns

A few pawns have taken on special roles - these are often pawns that have lost their Arisen and continue to carry out their former master's wishes.

Such pawns include the vendors Akim, Delec, and Joye; the Rift Shop vendor Johnathan; and the keeper of the Pawn Guild - Barnaby. Other pawns such as Rochelle and Faircrest have lost all purpose with their masters gone. See also Pawns (NPC).

A few other Arisen and Pawns may be encountered along the way, for example The Fool with The Dragonforged and Selene with Sofiah.

Pawn Training, Learning, and Behaviour

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The main pawn's behaviour may be tweaked in Knowledge Chairs found in Inns and other resting places. These chairs can be used to "lock in" a main inclination, and to choose their manner of speech and more.


The vocation of the main pawn is restricted to the Basic vocations and Advanced vocations - Hybrid vocations may not generally be learnt though some non-hireable pawns have become Magick Archers (see Corrupted Pawn).

Levelling and Learning

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Main Pawns gain Experience Points and Discipline Points just as the Arisen. However, if the main pawn became forfeit and the Arisen kept earning XP during that time, the lower levelled pawn will upon rejoining the party, gain experience rapidly, and soon attain a similar level to the Arisen. Each pawn has a separate pool of their own experience and discipline, and separate level and ranks in vocations.

As Pawns travel and complete quests with different Arisen, they gain knowledge of areas, quests, enemy weaknesses and locations of secret paths, which they will all take back to the Arisen that created them. Secret paths and shortcuts forms part of a pawn's Quest Knowledge, whilst general travels adds to their Travel Knowledge - progress in each is measured in 'stars' from zero to three.

Also measured in 'stars' is the pawn's Foe Knowledge in their Bestiary which shows a pawn's understanding of each hostile creature it has encountered and fought - higher Bestiary knowledge ensures that they take appropriate actions in battle, and hopefully avoid inappropriate ones.

If the Arisen hires a Pawn that has already a vast knowledge of areas, creatures and quests, they will be able to aid them. For example, if a pawn has knowledge of a particular quest in which the Arisen is involved, they will show them the way and may even go off to find hidden levers to open a hidden path.

Curative and tool use

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Pawns act with a degree of self-determination with the items in their own inventory. In general, pawns may use curatives to heal, regain stamina, and cure debilitations. They may also use certain items in combat, most commonly objects that can cause thrown damage. Under certain circumstances they may use more powerful items, such as periapts and special arrows.

Pawns may pick up, mine and gather items, and will fill Empty Flasks when the opportunity arises. They will not discard items, swap amongst themselves, or combine items to make new ones. Nor will they swap weapons or armor without the instruction of the Arisen, even if they carry better ones.


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Pawn Inclinations modify how a Pawn will behave in a party, in combat, and when exploring - it's primary effect is combat behaviour. When the Main Pawn is first created, a series of questions are asked that will give a starting basis to their inclinations.

Inclinations change over time based mostly on the Arisen's behaviour - they can also be directly altered through the use of Inclination Elixirs and at the Knowledge Chair.

Inclinations are one of the most important factors in creating an effective pawn - not all inclinations work well with all vocations, and some inclinations are significantly less desirable than others. Two inclinations are shown in the "Status" section of the pause menu - a primary and secondary, and the tertiary inclination may be revealed in conversation at the Knowledge Chair.

For full details, see the main article - further advice is given at Pawn Inclination troubleshooting.


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If a pawn has fallen Unconscious, they can be aided by the Arisen within a certain amount of time, after which they are returned to the Rift.

Unhired Wandering Pawns cannot be revived, nor can pawns slain by Death, petrification, the Brine, the Magick Archer spell Great Sacrifice, or Ghosts that drained all their health.

The main pawn can be resummoned by touching a Riftstone at no cost, lost hired pawns must be rehired within the Rift.

Resummoned main pawns keep all items in their inventory they had when they became forfeit - all items a hired pawn was carrying in their inventory upon their death are sent to the Arisen's storage.

In general, pawns do not drop equipment on being slain and returned to the Rift, however, hostile Corrupted Pawns may. Both Wandering Pawns and Corrupted Pawns can be stolen from using Master Thief.

"The Arisen has the power to breathe life back into their pawns, simply by touching them."Morganna[2]

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  • Pawns are created by their Arisen - they do not exist before.
  • The Arisen Savan had help from pawn Morganna, who guided him to a Rift where he would create his own pawn:
"We had arrived at the rift, and the time had come for Savan to create his own pawn. [..] Pawns exist in every world, and are created at the rift by an Arisen, or summoned from the world of another Arisen." –Morganna[3]
  • Despite being devoid of emotion and willpower, they fight with utmost earnestness and courage. This is likely for gameplay purposes, but it could also mean that by "willpower" they are speaking about their own personality, or lack thereof.


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