For the assassin named Phantom, see Phantom (bandit).

Phantom is a Ghostly enemy in Dragon's Dogma.

They appear during the night and in ominous places like dungeons.

Phantoms have the power to cling onto allies and possess them, causing them to target and attack the Arisen.


Attack Type Description
Possession (Pawn) Spec Attempts to possess a Pawn to attack the Arisen.
Possession (Arisen) Mag When the Arisen is possessed, continuous damage is sustained until freed by pawns.
Fade Spec When attacked, Phantoms will fade out of this plane to avoid damage for a time. When it reappears, it will be where it was before.
Floating Charge Spec This is the primary mode of moving. It will rush at targets, knocking them back but dealing no damage.

A phantom which passes through a pawn before fading may inflict a debilitation, commonly silence.

Damage Taken

Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
resistant resistant 100% 100% 100% 500% 25%




  • Physically attacking them often results in their disappearance and becoming temporarily intangible. They will reappear after a few seconds in the exact spot they were struck.
  • Melee attacks are ineffective - unenchanted weapons may inflict a very small amount of damage, less than 10hp
  • Usually appear in groups of three or more.


  • Vulnerable to magic attacks. 
  • Weak against Holy magic, and holy weapon enchanments.
  • Vulnerable to physical attacks when they possess allies.  
  • When adventuring solo a ghost's possession attack may sometimes be broken physically by throwing an item whilst possessed.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Weak to Holy
  • Witness a possession and free the possessed

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 50 Phantoms either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

The scroll Ghost Tactics Vol. 2 grants Phantom specific knowledge.

More information can be found on the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page.

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