Plain Surcoat Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


A Low Cost Resilient Armor suited to Mystic Knights.

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Armor Pieces

The Plain Surcoat Set is a set of medium armor wearable by Mystic Knights, Warriors and Fighters.

A Surcoat forms the basis of the lowliest of Mystick Knight armor sets together with the lightly armored White Cap, and the Leather Gloves and Over-Knee Boots, plus the Shed Cape. An absence of iron gives the set good magic defense, whilst thick materials and tough leather give a defense comparable to heavy armors.

The set as a whole gives the impression of having been brought together from items found in a laundry, possibly items awaiting washing as well some parts of washing implements themselves. The gloves and boots are of the same design and meterials and feature the same stitching and fastenings. The water and oil repellent shed cape goes someway to mitigating the Surcoat's propensity to drenching and tarring. As a whole the set has some mild resistance to fire, ice, torpor, skill stifling and lowered defensice attributes.

Although the surcoat is described as just an armor cover its defense suggests that it incorporates proper armor in some form. As a whole the set is comparable in quality to the Heavy Iron Armor Set, but with a better magick to physical defense ratio, at half the weight with correspondingly lower stagger and knockdown resistances. Its medium weight, good magic defense, and questionable suitability for front line use suggest the applicability of a large shield, and thus use specifically by the Mystic Knight vocation.

Complementary Mystic Knight equipment would be the homemade looking Wooden Wall (or Magick Buckler) and the Mace (or Thousand Troops), all of which continue the re-purposed laundry equipment theme.

As underclothes Doublet, Braided Shirt, Light Outfit or Quilted Jerkin match in terms of style and cost. There are alternative armguards as the Funnybone Guards.


  • The next level in quality for medium armor suited to Mystic Knights is the Grand Surcoat Set.
  • This armor is not so much a set by design, but by quality - nevertheless there are symbiotic elements in the collection, and the overall effect is one of a faded and soiled yet stout and protective armor.