Portcrystal is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A marker to be placed anywhere one might wish to return; use of a ferrystone will transport you there in an instant. Traversal item."

Portcrystals are items that can be placed in the world and teleported to with a Ferrystone. Portcrystals can be picked up and set down whenever one wishes to relocate it. Use of a Ferrystone with one or more Portcrystals deployed, will open a map with a list of all deployed Portcrystal locations displayed, allowing the player to pick one to port to, including Gran Soren.


Permanent Portcrystals

Permanent Portcrystals

A permanent portcrystal installation

Permanent portcrystal sites are found in a few key locations of Gransys - they consist of several darkened Portcrystal stones embedded in the ground forming a ring.

A permanent Portcrystal is located in Gran Soren next to the Pawn Guild in the Craftsman's Quarter.

The Dark Arisen expansion added two additional locations where Permanent Portcrystals can be found, the first located just outside of Cassardis, and another outside near the entrance of Bitterblack Isle.

Portable Portcrystals

A Portcrystal can be found at the top of Bluemoon Tower during the Griffin's Bane or Wyrmking's Ring quests.

Four further Portcrystals were added in the Dark Arisen expansion : the first of which is found on the Flameservant's Throne in the The Everfall; another in the cave of The Dragonforged at Hillfigure Knoll; a third inside one of the prison cells in the Station Room within The Shadow Fort; and a fourth just within the passage under the giant tree near the Witch's House leading into the far area of Witchwood.

Additionally, in New Game Plus, Portcrystals can be purchased from Montebank at the Black Cat in Gran Soren for 200,000 Gold


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Seems not of this world

Up to ten portcrystals can be placed in Gransys

  • Placed Portcrystals can be picked up again and placed elsewhere an unlimited number of times.
    • Cannot be placed inside areas like cities, caves, dungeons, etc.
    • Cannot be placed anywhere within Bitterblack Isle.
    • Can only be placed in the outside (outdoor) world of Gransys.
  • Only 10 portable Portcrystals can be placed around the world at any one time.
  • Portcrystals can be forged, but a Portcrystal Forgery does not have the transversal properties of a real Portcrystal (i.e. it doesn't work). It costs 300,000 gold for a (non-functioning) forgery, while an authentic Portcrystal costs only 200,000 gold.
  • Deployed Portcrystals placed by the Arisen will remain where they are when New Game Plus is started.
  • Portcrystals picked up from the first play-through will respawn in New Game Plus, allowing the Arisen to collect them again.