"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Post-Game (also known as Post-Dragon) is the state of the game after the defeat of the Dragon during The Final Battle. Gran Soren is partially destroyed during the opening of The Everfall and the world becomes darker and more dangerous; the sky becomes very dark and cloudy, and strange, more powerful monsters roam the lands.

Quests at Stage 7

Main Quests

Changes to Gran Soren

The Venery, Aqueduct, Slums and a part of the Urban Quarter are destroyed, collapsing into and leaving open the expanded version of The Everfall.

The Everfall itself is drastically changed in structure (see Post-Dragon Everfall), and becomes host to monsters far more dangerous than previously seen, including Gorechimera, Evil Eye, Archydra and Liches, as well as the Ur-Dragon.

Upon completion of the quest A Warm Welcome, you will also be branded a traitor by the Duke and will be attacked and pursued by the Guards if the Noble Quarter is entered.

  • Asalam (Union Inn) moves in to the Pawn Guild.
  • Devyn (The Barber Shop) is in a tent in the fields outside the Craftsman's Quarter.
  • Montebank (The Black Cat) moves in behind the alehouse.
  • Arsmith's Alehouse is partially destroyed, but Arsmith himself and the Notice Board are unaffected.
  • If Madeleine had not been forced to leave Gran Soren during the quest Bad Business she will have moved her shop to the Gran Soren fields.
    • If the quest was uncompleted, Madeleine will move to the fields, but without a shop. (If the quest was completed she will have moved to Cassardis, and so will be unaffected.)
  • Ser Alfonso moves from the Greatwall Encampment to the camp in the Field at the north gate.
  • If still alive and not in prison, Fournival will still walk around the Alehouse and Craftsman's Quarter.
    • His house, however, will be somewhat inconvenient to reach in post-game because of the guards near his home.
    • However, he will always walk to the Black Cat in the afternoon (10-20 minutes after resting until morning). He will walk down the stairwell nearest to the pawn guild.

Changes to Cassardis

Some people will move to Cassardis after The Final Battle.

Changes to Gransys

Post-Game Gran Soren

The darkend daytime sky

Visibility throughout Gransys becomes poor, as the sky is dark even during the day. Additionally, fiercer and more dangerous monsters appear in several locations.


Large monsters

Other monsters

The Everfall

The Everfall (Post-Dragon) is changed substantially on the death of Grigori, with it opening up and much of Gran-Soren collapsing into it - it then becomes host to a variety of the fiercest monsters.

For lists of the creatures see The Post-Dragon Everfall §Chambers, or the individual articles in Category:Everfall


  • Some people dislike the post-game dark skies, and use a glitch to be able to play the post-game with clear skies. A guide to performing the glitch is given at Dragon's Dogma Clear Skies Post Game Guide (
  • In the PC version you can easily edit your save file to have the same effect without using the glitch.