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"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
This article provides information and/or facts that contain spoilers.
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Post-Game (Also known as Post-Dragon) is the state of the game after the defeat of the Dragon during The Final Battle. The world becomes darker and more dangerous as the sky becomes very dark and cloudy even during the day.

Changes to Gran SorenEdit

The Venery, Aqueduct, Slums and a part of the Urban Quarter collapse and leave open the expanded version of The Everfall.

  • Asalam (Union Inn) moves in to the Pawn Guild.
  • Devyn (The Barber Shop) is in a tent in the fields outside the Craftsman's Quarter.
  • Montebank (The Black Cat) moves in behind the alehouse.
  • Caxton's Armory and Camellia's Apothecary are unaffected by the collapse, and thus have not moved. Arsmith's Alehouse is partially destroyed, but Arsmith himself and the Notice Board are unaffected.
  • Madeleine's Shop is in the Gran Soren fields if you did not start the quest Bad Business. If you started the quest and did not complete it, Madeleine will be in the fields with no shop options. If you completed the quest, then she will be in Cassardis with shop options.
  • Ser Alfonso moves from the Greatwall Encampment to the camp in the Field at the north gate.

Upon completing A Warm Welcome, you also will get attacked by the Guards upon entering the Noble Quarter due to being a "traitor" and will be attacked until you leave town.

  • Fournival will walk around the Alehouse and Craftsman's Quarter if you ever need him (Only if you proved him not guilty during Trials and Tribulations).
  • Fournival may be somewhat inconvenient to reach in post-game because of the guards near his home. However, he will always walk to the Black Cat in the afternoon (10-20 minutes after resting until morning). He will walk down the stairwell nearest to the pawn guild. Keep in mind he has an unlimited supply of Pilgrim's Charm which will prove useful for leveling-up while fighting the Ur-Dragon. 

Note: If any of these characters is your love interest at the end of the game they will not be in the aforementioned spots, but instead will move to your house in Cassardis.

Changes to CassardisEdit

Some people will move to Cassardis after The Final Battle.

  • Madeleine will be in the inn if you rescued her during the quest Bad Business. If she is your love interest she will be in your house regardless of other quest choices.
  • Your love interest will be inside your house.

Changes to GransysEdit

General Changes

  • Visibility will become poor as the sky is dark even during the day.



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