Preemption is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Multiplies the harm done by your attacks when targets are not in the battle stance."


  • This augment is "Bugged".
    • May double weakspot damage (eg. hitting a cyclops in its eye).
    • Doesn't have any damage increase for 'sneak' attacks (tested Dark Arisen Xbox).
    • Does not increase damage on enemies that have been knocked down.
    • Does not increase damage on enemies that have been staggered
    • 'Sneak attacks are defined as attacks on enemies that have not detected the party - on detection Goblins may shout "seen you", Saurians wake up, Bandits may say "Get him" etc
    • (Note) - Dancing goblins, sleeping Saurians, take high damage if attacked when unaware of the Arisen and/or party - the multiplier is high up to 3-5x for Saurians.This effect is standard with or without the augment, and also affects the Arisen if attacked without readying or drawing the Arisen's primary weapon. This augment does NOT increase the damage multiplier; damage with or without the augment for a 'sneak attack' is identical.