Proficiency is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Reduces the Stamina consumed when you perform a physical weapon skill."


  • Reduces the Stamina consumed performing a physical weapon skill by 25%.
  • Does not work with Bows or Longbows - that is - bow skill stamina consumption is not reduced by the Proficiency augment.
  • Applies to all non-magickal primary and secondary physical weapon skills including shield skills but excluding bows and longbows.
    • Certain skills performed by hybrid vocations using physical weapons are in fact spells - for example Mystic Knight's Great Cannon and Magick Archer's Magick Rebalancer - these do not benefit from Proficiency.
    • A simple test for non-bow primary weapon skills is to silence oneself (for example in the swamps of Miasmic Haunt during daytime) - if the skill's use is prevented, it will not benefit from Proficiency.
  • Does not work with magick bows, since they are purely magickal weapons. Magick Shield Skills are also in fact spells and do not benefit.

See also

  • Conservation has a similar effect for staff and archistaff spells.