Quest Pack: The Challenger is a series of DLC quests available as downloadable content for Dragon's Dogma. It was released on July 7, 2012.

Note This DLC is included with the purchase of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.
Only purchase this DLC separately if playing the original Dragon's Dogma game.

Quest Pack - The Challenger


"After accepting the quest; Come to Court, this item will make an additional 8 quests available at notice boards: 2 in Cassardis, 1 at The Encampment, the 3 in Gran Soren tavern, and 2 at the Pawn Guild. Complete them to gain exclusive rewards! A maximum of 6 quests appear on each notice board at a time. Please clear a few if you don't see your new purchases right away."
  • Priced at: $2.99 (Xbox 360 and PS3)


Location Quest Objective Reward
Cassardis Nest Eggs Kill 30 Saurians Aneled Snags
Cassardis Winged Reaver Defeat a Griffin Gloves of Might
Encampment Dark Knights Defeat 5 Skeleton Knights Aneled Stings
Arsmith's Alehouse Deliver the Goods Acquire a Leaden Globe Aneled Lance
Arsmith's Alehouse Burning Curse Acquire a Headless Icon Aneled Bastard
Arsmith's Alehouse Lost Faith Acquire the Tightly Folded Letter Aneled Meniscus
Pawn Guild Blood and Thunder Defeat 10 Phantasms Gleam of Heaven
Pawn Guild Dead Weight Kill 13 Stout Undead Aneled Tooth