Quince is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.

"Our kind is ever ready to fight by the grace of your guidance, Arisen."


Quince is a Strider pawn hired by the Arisen Savan prior to the events of the main game to defeat the Dragon. Like all pawns, Quince is shown to be loyal to Savan, assisting him in battle and protecting him from enemies.

The story of Savan's introduction to Quince, and his quest is told in the Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic.

Not much is known regarding Quince's (original) Arisen. Based on dialogue conjecture Quince's Arisen was in The Everfall gathering Wakestones when they perished, leaving Quince master-less and unable to complete her final mission.



During The End at the Beginning prologue quest Quince equips a Weak Guard (torso), Chainmail Bracers (chest), and Bandit's Glove (hands). Her leg armor appears to consist of a combination of a Chainmail Skirt and Downcuffs & Cuisses. She wields Vouge Daggers and Pleached Limbs.

Her skills during the prologue are Scarlet Kisses, Dazzle Hold, Mighty Bend, and Pentad Shot.

Although she cannot be grabbed, she displays obvious displeasure at any attempt to do so.


  • Her name means "Fifteen" in Spanish.


During The End at the Beginning

  • "Our kind is ever ready to fight by the grace of your guidance, Arisen."

Upon first meeting her

  • "I would ask aught of you, Arisen..."
  • "Please.... Take this."
  • "My mistress gathered their like as she sought her way through the depths."
  • "She died ere she was done. If you would take up her task, pray bring them here to me."
  • "I trust that you will see my mistress' will done."
  • "I shall await you further on."

Completing Fathom Deep

  • "Yes, at last... At last you've gathered the whole of them."
  • "With them, you can summon forth a rift of considerable power."
  • "This rift, born of the Wakestones' power, will guide you forward, Arisen."
  • "End this, Arisen. May the world be put right by your hand."