Rancid Bait Meat is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A hunk of flesh redolent with a sickly sweet aroma. Place it within an area of Bitterblack Isle to increase the chance of carrion-feeding monsters appearing."



Forces the spawn of Necrophageous monsters such as Garm, Elder Ogres, Cursed Dragons or Death

The effect lasts for a set period of time, therefore it is possible to attract multiple monsters with one piece of Bait Meat. Set the Meat, kill the spawning monster, then leave and re-enter the area. Very often another monster will appear. If you are quick, you can produce 2 - 4 spawns with one piece of Meat.

This can be used to farm Garms, Elder Ogres or Cursed Dragons for their respective quests.

Location spawns

The table below lists the locations and their corresponding spawns. Death spawns more frequently post-Daimon. Many areas have two sets of spawns - for example, in the Garden of Ignominy post-Daimon, if members of the Goblin family are present, Garm will appear when Rancid Bait Meat is used, but if members of the Saurian family are present, Death will appear. Refer to the location pages for specific details.

Location Sub area description Creature
Garden of Ignominy Open garden area which spawns a normal Cyclops and Hobgoblins Garm
Duskmoon Tower Center area Cursed Dragon
Ward of Regret Before the Entrance to the Midnight Helix, where Skeletons spawn. Elder Ogre
Midnight Helix Center Area Cursed Dragon
Rotunda of Dread N/A N/A
Vault of Defiled Truth Open garden area which spawns a Cockatrice and Hobgoblins Garm
Gutter of Misery In the Tunnel, before the Shrine of Futile Truths Elder Ogre
Shrine of Futile Truths N/A N/A
Fortress of Remembrance After the Entrance to the Corridor of Emptiness, down the Stairs, where 2 Chests can be found Elder Ogre
The Black Abbey N/A N/A
The Pilgrim's Gauntlet Open area - first floor Cursed Dragon
Tower of Treasons Repaid Center area Cursed Dragon
Forsaken Cathedral After the Entrance to the Tower of Treasons Repaid, where 2 Chests can be found, guarded by Poisoned Undead Elder Ogre
Rotwood Depository In front of the Entrance to The Forgotten Hall Elder Ogre
The Forgotten Hall In front of the Entrance to Rotwood Depository Garm
The Bloodless Stockade In the Tunnel before the Sparyard of Scant Mercy Elder Ogre
Sparyard of Scant Mercy Central arena area Cursed Dragon
The Fallen City Center Area, on the Houses south of the Map Cursed Dragon (Post-Daimon)
Bitterblack Sanctum N/A N/A


2 Star Enhancement