Reaper's Arrow is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An advanced form of Deathly Arrow that can be charged an additional level to loose an even mightier arrow."

An advanced version of Deathly Arrow.


  • The user is unable to move while charging.
  • This ability differs somewhat from other charged abilities in that timing the shot is integral: like other charged abilities, one to three bars will fill on the skill HUD, but if the button is pressed as soon as the third bar fills (a "whoosh" sound will play and the Arisen will flash white), the arrow will loose in slow-motion and the arrow will do significantly more damage and have higher knockback power. If this is not done, the arrow will simply do slightly more than normal damage.
  • This ability's namesake is well earned, as a clean shot to a major weakspot can devastate or even outright slay a foe. A strong Arisen with proper Augments can instantly kill even a Gorechimera, if a perfect shot to the goat's head is made.