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Reaper's Scorn
Reaper's Scorn
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Craftsman's Quarter in Gran Soren
10,000 Gold
6,000 Exp.
10 Rift Crystals

Reaper's Scorn is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Beside himself with grief, a father named Austine begs you deliver miraculous stones that might bring his departed son back to life.


Speak with Austine in the Craftsman's Quarter to obtain the quest.

Deliver a Wakestone to Austine.

  • Obtain a Wakestone and give it to Austine.

Quest Successful

  • The Wakestones' power pulled Austine's son back from beyond death's veil. Quest reward received.


(5 ~ 1) Dragon's Dogma ~ Reaper's Scorn Hero Trophy Guide04:06

(5 ~ 1) Dragon's Dogma ~ Reaper's Scorn Hero Trophy Guide

Reaper's Scorn ~ Video Walkthrough

This quest becomes available after completing Off With Its Head. Speak with Austine in the Craftsman's Quarter. He will recount the sad passing of his son Wilhem who can only be revived by a Wakestone. He has been collecting shards of a Wakestone, but he doesn't have enough. He asks for help in acquiring a Wakestone Shard to create a complete a Wakestone.

Deliver a Wakestone to AustineEdit

After accepting his quest Austine will hand over two Wakestone Shards. In order to create a complete Wakestone, one more shard is required. There are a number of ways to obtain this shard, but the easiest way would be to venture into the Everfall (where Wakestones are abundant) and obtain it there.

It is highly advised to combine this quest with the quest Lure of the Abyss as there will be a Wakestone shard at the bottom of the (Pre-Dragon) Everfall, but only after accepting the quest from Austine. For more information on how to get this item in the Everfall see the quest Lure of the Abyss.

If the Wakestone Shards or Wakestone are somehow lost (or used) prior to giving it to Austine, there are other ways of obtaining Wakestone Shards (besides finding them within the Everfall) :

  • Fournival in Gran Soren sells shards for 15,000 Gold.
  • Montebank at The Black Cat in Gran Soren sells shards for 30,000 Gold.
  • Jayce at the Devilfire Grove rest area sells shards for 30,000 Gold.
  • A peculiar shard forgery can be found in a chest on the rooftops of the Venery, in a tiny attic-like room, accessible via a slanting roof, not far from the ladder in the southwestern corner of the Venery. (This odd shard forgery will not combine with other Wakestone Shards to form a Wakestone).
  • A shard can be found in the heart of Hillfigure Knoll.
  • A shard can be found at The Abbey in the Wilted Forest, behind the church in front of a gravestone.
  • A shard can be found at the top of the mid-level tower of The Ruins of Aernst Castle.

Once three shards are collected they will automatically transform into a Wakestone. All shards must be in a single character's inventory for this to occur. Return to the Craftsman's Quarter near the Pawn Guild, stand over Wilhem's lifeless corpse and use the Wakestone to revive him.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

After invoking the Wakestone, Wilhem returns to life and quest reward is granted.


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