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Reaper's Scorn
Reaper's Scorn
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Craftsman's Quarter in Gran Soren
10,000 Gold
6,000 Exp.
10 Rift Crystals

Reaper's Scorn is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Beside himself with grief, a father named Austine begs you deliver miraculous stones that might bring his departed son back to life.


This quest becomes available after completing Off With Its Head.

In the Craftsman's Quarter of Gran Soren the blacksmith Austine mourns the untimely death of his sickly son Wilhem. in to obtain the quest.

Speak to him to hear his request for a legendary Wakestone to bring his beloved back to life; Austine has collected two shards of a wakestone, and entrusts them to you, in the hope that you will collect all the pieces to make a wakestone and his son whole again..


(5 ~ 1) Dragon's Dogma ~ Reaper's Scorn Hero Trophy Guide04:06

(5 ~ 1) Dragon's Dogma ~ Reaper's Scorn Hero Trophy Guide

Reaper's Scorn ~ Video Walkthrough

Speak with Austine in the Craftsman's Quarter, and accept the quest and the Wakestone Shards he has collected.

To complete the quest simply obtain a third shard - once three shards are held in the inventory they will combine into a Wakestone. Approach Wilhem and aid him with use of the stone.

The speak to Austine to accept his gratitude, and to complete the quest.

Obtaining wakestonesEdit

There will be a Wakestone shard at the bottom of the Everfall, which only appears after accepting the quest. For more information, see also Lure of the Abyss, a quest which leads to the first entry of the Everfall, and is contemporary to this quest.

Additional Wakestone shards can be found in several locations throughout Gransys - the locations can be revealed through use of the magic item Dragon's Gaze. Also the merchants Fournival and Montebank in Gran Soren both sell shards, and Jayce at the Rest Camp in Devilfire Grove also may have a shard.


  • A peculiar shard forgery can be found in a chest on the rooftops of the Venery, in a tiny attic-like room, above The Black Cat - this forgery will not combine with other Wakestone Shards to form a Wakestone.
  • For more information on possible locations of shards, see Wakestone Shard.
  • This quest must be completed before advancing too much into the main storyline, or it will be too late to revive poor Wilhem : the Wakestone will have no effect.
  • Althrough expensive, it is possible to use a Wakestone Forgery to complete this quest. Please note that Wilhem will not be revived by the forgery.


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