Red Leather Armor Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


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Core pieces

The Red Leather Armor Set is a set of leather armors suitable for bow and dagger users, with several variant forms. The armor consists of reinforced hardended red leather combined - the set also gives some protection against fire, lightning and torpor.

For headgear either the Red Leather Cap or Red Leather Hood can be worn - the hood is more protective and better suited to more melee focused daggerists (striders), whilst the cap gives better visibility and could be better suited to more ranged attack focused vocations (ranger).

The matching gloves for this set, the Red Leather Glove are designed for bow users, with an unrestricted dominant hand.

A wide variety of underclothes are suitable, including parts of the Traveler's Clothing Set, or the Hunter's Clothing Set or the Light Chain Clothing Set amongst others.