Resistance is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Reduces cumulative damage when you are debilitated by non-Archmagick attacks."

Resistance imparts resistance to debilitations not directly related to the five Archmagicks.

The resistances are: 100% Poison resistance, as well as +15% resistances to Blindness, Curse, Lowered Defense, Lowered Magick, Lowered Magick Defense, Lowered Strength, Petrification, Possession, Silence, Skill Stifling, Sleep, and Torpor.


  • The in-game English description is misleading: the augment reduces the likelihood of having a non-archmagick debilitation, known as a Status Effect, inflicted on the Arisen.
    • Significantly reduces the chance of being poisoned, such as by Saurian spit.
    • Effect will not be included in character stats.
    • Does not prevent or block burning, frozen, being drenched, or thundershock.
  • Resistance, Toxicity, Magnitude and Morbidity all have confusing translations.