Reveille Revelry is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Find 50 War Bugles


"The horns the capital guards sound are lovely, and their call as clear and pure as a spring morn. I would have one of my own."

This quest becomes available at Arsmith's Alehouse after first entering Gran Soren in Off With Its Head.


There are two non-quest places to acquire war bugles - Gran Soren and The Encampment.

Gran Soren - Take any passageway to the battlements (the walls surrounding the city) and open all the chests.

Most will contain War Bugles, Banner Flags, and Seeker's Tokens and Skeleton Keys.

The Encampment - Go to the tent that houses the Rift Stone, beside the "Innkeeper" in the front room will be a sack on the floor, this sack, once scavenged, will often give 3 or more War Bugles - check back periodically to raid it again.

The Black Cat can also duplicate War Bugles for 5,750 Gold.

Completing the quest Final Farewell earns 40 War Bugles as a quest reward.