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See Location Below.
Quest NPC
Enhances Equipment
Times Active
Morning, Afternoon

Reynard is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


A wandering merchant who travels the length of the peninsula. He is always on the lookout for rare items.

Reynard is a traveling peddler, wandering all around Gransys to sell his wares. He can also provide services for enhancing equipment.


First location point is crucial ! : Just after meeting Rook and exiting Cassardis for the first time, Reynard will be first encountered on the way to The Encampment. He will need to be rescued from a group of Goblins. Failing to rescue him will forfeit certain quests involving Reynard later on. He will remain in The Encampment until the completion of the quest Off With Its Head.

As a traveling peddler, Reynard might be hard to find. After completing the quest Off With Its Head, he can randomly be found in the following areas :

He will stay in each of the above spots for a few days in a row and then select another one randomly.  It should be noted that he will not appear at any of the above locations until about 10 AM or so (when the sun is at about 45 degrees in the Eastern sky).

The following method can be used to reliably find him, though it may take a lot of waiting around:

  • First, head off to Cassardis.
  • Check if Reynard is across the street from the inn, by the fish shop.
  • If he isn't there, head over to the inn and sleep till morning.
  • Wait until noon or so.  If he hasn't appeared, run to the Encampment to see if he's there. If he is at neither location by noon, head back to Cassardis to stay at the inn till morning, and try again.
  • Repeat this process until he eventually appears.

Note: It could take simply one try or many tries. This method is reliable (if somewhat time consuming), but has merit in that it is far cheaper than using Ferrystones, requiring only 50G per stay at the inn.

Related questsEdit

WARNING: Completion of the Search Party quest removes him from the game until New Game Plus. Consequently, Reynard's services will be unavailable during Trials and Tribulations. (Exception:  If Reynard becomes the Arisen's love interest in The Final Battle, he can be found Post-Game in "Your house" in Cassardis selling his wares, nullifying the Search Party ending scene).

Reynard is the central figure in the quest Search Party, which involves gathering rare objects for him from across Gransys. In return, his inventory of purchaseable equipment expands with each collection, oft featuring rare clothing, armor, and enchanted weaponry that may not be found otherwise.

Reynard Face

Search Party is one of the quests required for The Hero secret trophy or achievement. If the player does not intervene upon first encountering Reynard near The Encampment, the player will not be able to obtain 100% of the trophies or achievements because Search Party will not be available.

WARNING : During the quest Trials and Tribulations, Reynard will sell affidavits calling for Fournival's guilt or innocence, respectively. The first costs 3,000G, and the cost rises by 2,000G for each successive one of either type. Completing the Search Party quest will remove Reynard from the game and the affidavits will be unavailable.  Fournival is the only source from which to buy the single use Maker's Finger--the ultimate arrow. There is value in bringing about an innocent verdict.  Reynard could be the deciding factor.  It is, therefore, advisable to defer completion of Search Party until after Trials and Tribulations.

Items SoldEdit

Some of the items listed are related to the quest Search Party. Part 1 indicates after giving him Scrap Iron and Part 2 indicates after giving him Miasmite as part of the quest (not as a gift). Since it's possible to complete Part 1 & 2 of Search Party relatively early in the game (as early as stage 1), many of the items of the resulting stock update can be purchased from Reynard much earlier in the game than they would otherwise be available.

'Stage' refers to at which segment within the Main Quest that the item first becomes available to purchase. For further details of the 'stages', refer to the Shopping page.

Much of Reynard's basic weapons & armor are sold only at Stage 1, i.e. when he's located at The Encampment, before the Quest Off With Its Head is completed. Completion of that Quest moves the game into Stage 2, grants access to the Gran Soren vendors, triggers Reynard to start moving locations and removes the items listed as 'Stage 1 only' from his stock.

Item NotesEdit

  • The 'Amount In Stock' for some items increases depending on how far the player is through the game.


Curative Stock Price Availability
Small Nut 20-48 65 G Stage 1
Large Nut 12-22 125 G Stage 1
Twigbean 10 25 G Stage 2
Moldy Berry 6-10 150 G Stage 2
Moldy Apple 3-4 375 G Stage 2
Greenwarish 5 70 G Stage 1
Mushroom 5 50 G Stage 1
Absorbent Rag 4 120 G Stage 1
Interventive 3-7 1,300 G Stage 2


Tool Stock Price Availability
Empty Flask 2-7 20 G Stage 1
Flask of Water 2-9 90 G Stage 1
Flask of Oil 2 175 G Stage 1
Festival Pie 8 20 G Stage 1
Brick 6 70 G Stage 4


Material Stock Price Availability
Copper Ore 4-5 450 G Stage 1
Silver Ore 2 1,500 G Stage 2
Gold Ore 1 4,500 G Stage 4
Hemp 5 300 G Stage 1
Wool-Cloth 4 1,050 G Stage 2
Silk 2 3,600 G Stage 4
Pine Branch 7 150 G Stage 1
Cedar Branch 6 450 G Stage 2
Chestnut Branch 5 638 G Stage 4
Rabbit Pelt 4 370 G Stage 1
Snakeskin 4 220 G Stage 1
Spider Venom 3 170 G Stage 1
Hunk of Ore 2 30 G Stage 2
Wormwood Sap 5 250 G Stage 4
Iron Blade Piece 2 880 G Stage 4
Curious Wine 1 650 G Stage 6
Small Fang 2 120 G Stage 2
Large Fang 2 830 G Stage 4
Saurian Scale 2 825 G Stage 2
Poison Sac 2 470 G Stage 4
Striped Saurian Skin 2 2,240 G Stage 4
Harpy Pinion 2 100 G Stage 2
Elongated Claw 1 300 G Stage 4
Glacial Pinion 1 1,280 G Stage 4
Rugged Bone 1 4,815 G Stage 4
Rugged Tusk 1 3,795 G Stage 6
Sweet Pollen 5 110 G Stage 2
Flammica 3 270 G Stage 2
Imperial Acid 2 1,130 G Stage 4
Cloudwine 12 780 G Stage 2
Nurse Log Sap 3 620 G Stage 2
Gran Soren Rubble 8 10 G Stage 2


Other Stock Price Availability
Shackle 10 490 G Stage 2

Rusted WeaponsEdit

Weapon Stock Price Availability
Rusted Sword 1-3 500 G Stage 2
Rusted Mace 1 500 G Stage 2
Rusted Greatsword 1 500 G Stage 4
Rusted Warhammer 1 500 G Stage 6
Rusted Daggers 1 500 G Stage 2
Rusted Staff 1 500 G Stage 4
Rusted Archistaff 1 500 G Stage 6
Rusted Shield 1-2 500 G Stage 2
Rusted Magick Shield 1 500 G Stage 6
Rusted Bow 1 500 G Stage 4
Rusted Longbow 1 500 G Stage 4
Rusted Spellbow 2 500 G Stage 6


Weapon Stock Price Availability
Trusty Sword 1 2,700 G Stage 1 only
Throatcutters 1 2,520 G Stage 1 only
Ironclad Staff 1 2,570 G Stage 1 only
Pelta 1 2,160 G Stage 1 only
Shortbow 1 600 G Stage 1 only
Eden's Warden 1 36,200 G After Pt 1 of Search Party
Caladbolg 1 87,800 G After Pt 2 of Search Party
Feather-Light Pelta 1 18,700 G After Pt 1 of Search Party
Scorched Pelta 1 63,200 G After Pt 2 of Search Party

Head ArmorEdit

Head Armor Stock Price Availability
Leather Cap 1 440 G Stage 1 only
Red Leather Cap 1 7,610 G Stage 2
Incognito Mask 1 6,870 G After Pt 1 of Search Party
Bandit's Mask 1 5,820 G After Pt 1 of Search Party

Chest ClothingEdit

Chest Clothing Stock Price Availability
Hemp Shirt 1 1,140 G Stage 1 only
Linen Shirt 2 1,050 G Stage 1 only
Leather Chestguard 1 1,210 G Stage 1 only
Bandages 1 450 G Stage 1
Brigandine Jerkin 1 13,800 G Stage 4
Hunter's Shirt 1 19,100 G Stage 4
Chainmail Bracers 1 8,620 G Stage 2

Torso ArmorEdit

Torso Armor Stock Price Availability
Chestguard 1 3,340 G Stage 1 only
Sectional Armor 1 3,600 G Stage 1 only
Healer's Robe 1 2,310 G Stage 1 only
Mummer's Wear 1 23,110 G After Pt 2 of Search Party
Leather Belts 1 3,080 G Stage 1
Bone Plate Armor 1 4,520 G After Pt 1 of Search Party
Bone Armor 1 14,640 G After Pt 2 of Search Party
Scale Coat 1 22,700 G After Pt 1 of Search Party
Padded Armor 1 15,600 G Stage 2
Flutter Padding 1 43,000 G Stage 4

Arms ArmorEdit

Arms Armor Stock Price Availability
Scholar's Bangle 1 960 G Stage 1 only
Novice's Bracers 1 1,320 G Stage 1 only
Funnybone Guards 2 1,040 G Stage 1
Leather Gloves 2 8,740 G Stage 2
Arm Crest 1 41,800 G Stage 6
Navy Leather Gloves 1 33,480 G After Pt 2 of Search Party
Assailant's Bracers 1 24,160 G After Pt 2 of Search Party
Scale Armguard 1 16,620 G After Pt 1 of Search Party

Leg ClothingEdit

Leg Clothing Stock Price Availability
Leather Bandings 1 420 G Stage 1 only
Hemp Hosen 1 960 G Stage 1 only
Worker's Pants 2 840 G Stage 1 only
Yellow Gaiters 1 2,150 G Stage 1
Denim Hosen 3 5,100 G Stage 2
Black Gaiters 1 14,400 G Stage 4
Huntsman's Trousers 1 16,800 G Stage 4
Half Chain Hosen 2 2,720 G Stage 2

Leg ArmorEdit

Leg Armor Stock Price Availability
Leather Shoes 1 280 G Stage 1 only
Novice Breeches 1 680 G Stage 1 only
Fur Greaves 1 1,310 G Stage 1 only
Metal Greaves 1 1,440 G Stage 1 only
Scale Greaves 1 7,850 G After Pt 1 of Search Party
Downcuffs & Cuisses 1 8,120 G Stage 2
Striker's Greaves 1 31,340 G After Pt 2 of Search Party
Assembled Breeches 1 34,500 G Stage 4
Iron Leg Guards 1 2,530 G Stage 2


Cloak Stock Price Availability
Shoulder Cape 1 3,300 G Stage 1
Ebon Neck Wrap 1 4,200 G Stage 2
Violet Neck Wrap 1 6,320 G Stage 4
Harpy Cloak 1 5,300 G After Pt 2 of Search Party


Jewelry Stock Price Availability
Rose Ring 1 30,000 G Stage 2
Violet Ring 1 30,000 G Stage 2
Iris Ring 1 30,000 G Stage 4


  • If Reynard is not rescued from the Goblins en route to The Encampment, he will be removed from the game until New Game+.
  • To keep Reynard in the game, either:
    • Make him the Arisen's love interest
    • Do not complete the Search Party quest
  • Reynard may be hard to keep track of while he is moving about. At three points during the quest Search Party his location will be indicated with a map marker. After starting one of the three item gathering quests (Scrap Iron , Miasmite or all the Journal Entries), Reynard can be found more easily. Reynard's location will be marked on the map regardless of whether or not the items have been obtained. Speaking with him without the items in the party's inventory will not advance the quest.
  • For owners of the original "vanilla" Dragon's Dogma with the Dark Arisen content, the player can acquire Reynard's outfit, the Set of Fop's Trek Wear.

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