"The pawns exist astride the rift. They speak of a multitude of worlds, each infinite unto itself."

The Rift is a otherworldly place that connects pawns to a multitude of different Arisen.



Enter to the rift by a Rift Stone

Access to the Rift can be gained through rift stones, and under some circumstances, through the Everfall. Access via rift stones usually takes the Arisen to a place in the rift where pawns can be summoned and hired.

The Everfall is also connected to the rift, and to pawns - after the defeat of the Dragon the Everfall is greatly changed, giving access to otherworldly places.

The chambers in the post-Dragon Everfall are within the rift - and as such accessible to Arisen from all worlds. In the Chamber of Lament, Arisens from a multitude of worlds fight together to defeat an undead Dragon, the Ur-Dragon.

The misty emptiness beyond the rift can be seen from cracks in the floor and other holes in the Everfall.

Hiring and summoning


Pawns gathered in the rift waiting to be summoned by an Arisen

Main article : Pawns and Hired Pawns

In the Rift, you will have the ability to search and rent pawns. The area of the rift used to hire pawns is finite in size and contains only a single riftstone, used for return.

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  • Entering the Rift heals all the pawns in your party, clears all debilitations and negative status effects and creates a Checkpoint Save.
  • Standing close to, or 'touching' a Rift Stone will generate a free Anodyne on all your pawns.