Ring of Thrift is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A ring that enables its bearer to sell items at higher prices."


  • Having this ring within the inventory grants a 15% bonus to Gold earned when selling items, the same as Suasion.
  • This effect does not stack on the same character, only showing the effect of either Ring of Thrift or Suasion per character; e.g., it is a substitute rather than a supplement for the augment Suasion.
  • The ring cannot be equipped. Simply having it in the inventory is sufficient.
  • The effect does stack multiplicative if both the Arisen and Main pawn have a ring each, granting a total of 32.3% bonus.
  • Any combination of Ring of Thrift and/or Suasion on 4 members in a party will grant 74.9% sell increase.
  • Hired Pawns aren't allowed to hold this Ring in their inventory - the option to give them the Ring is greyed out.



Silver Rarifying

Gold Rarifying