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Rise of the Fallen
Rise of the Fallen - Catacombs
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Ser Maximilian
Quest Location
20,000 Gold
15,000 Exp.
25 Rift Crystals

Rise of the Fallen is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Ser Maximilian fears that the Salvation cult is somehow involved in the recent skeleton sightings. Investigate the matter.


Rise of the Fallen becomes available after the Arisen has had an audience with the Duke. Speak with Ser Maximilian to start the quest.

Investigate the Secret Meeting

  • Search the capital to learn anything you can not only of Salvation's clandestine meeting, but also the cult's involvement in the skeleton scourge.

Infiltrate the Catacombs

  • Use the key you've obtained to enter the catacombs.

Vanquish the Skeletons' Master

  • Fend off the advancing undead as you pursue and kill the Salvation zealot responsible for the scourge.

Report Back to Ser Maximilian

  • You implicated Salvation in the undead scourge and killed the cultist responsible. Report your deeds to Ser Maximilian.

Quest Successful

  • You solved the mystery and informed Ser Maximilian. Quest reward received.


(7 ~ 11) Dragon's Dogma ~ Rise of the Fallen Hero Trophy Guide12:17

(7 ~ 11) Dragon's Dogma ~ Rise of the Fallen Hero Trophy Guide

Rise of the Fallen ~ Video Walkthrough

To get this quest you must have completed the quest Come to Court and Seeking Salvation. You can obtain this quest by speaking with Ser Maximilian in the Noble Quarter of Gran Soren.

Investigate the Secret MeetingEdit

This quest has two ways of being completed. One is to shadow a cult member and obtain his key and the other is to speak with a cult member directly and take his key that way. The keys obtained are different as is further explained in the walkthrough. In order to shadow the cult member you must be wearing a Set of Salvation Robes. It is not required to have the Salvation's Badge in your inventory.

In order to find the secret meeting you must venture out at night. Sleep at the inn until nightfall and make your way to the bridge leading to the Venery. Approaching the bridge will trigger a cutscene showing two Salvation cult members by the name of Dillan and Tagert meeting underneath the bridge.

Route 1: If you're wearing the Set of Salvation Robes you can approach both of them without them suspecting anything. Now follow Dillan to the back of the Alehouse. Here he will hide a key in a barrel. Pick up the key. (you do not have to wait until he is gone). The key you have obtained here is the First Key To Salvation and it will open a gate in the Catacombs.

Route 2: If you're not wearing the robes simply approach the two members. You will automatically engage Tagert in conversation. You may convince him with 10,000 gold to give you the key or simply threaten him to get the key. Your choice has no impact on the quest. The key you get this way is the Second Key To Salvation and this also opens a gate in the Catacombs.

Route 3: To get both keys: (You may want to rest beforehand to create a checkpoint save) Talk to Tagert by first approaching him wearing the Set of Salvation Robes, and after about 50 seconds or so just waiting at that dialogue screen, when you exit the dialogue you'll hear Dillan talking about hiding the key, run after Dillan and remove the Salvation Robes, get the first key from the barrel in the corner behind the inn. Quickly run to the fountain outside the inn and speak to Tagert when he comes running past Caxton and towards the southern exit of Gran Soren. Not wearing the Salvation Robes initiates the dialogue that gives you the second key.

Infiltrate the CatacombsEdit

Regardless of which key you obtained make your way to the Catacombs. Leave Gran Soren through the west gate and follow the road until you reach the bridge leading to Deos Hills. It matters little on where you enter the Catacombs, but this is one of the closest locations to enter. Go under the bridge and enter the Catacombs.

From the entrance go forward and into the hall where you first met the Elysion. The large doors on the opposite end of the room are now unlocked. Open it to enter the stairway. You will encounter some Skeleton Knights here. Proceed into the next room and take the right into a larger area. Walk north and take the right path up the stairs to a small cavern and take the wooden ladder up to the upper area of this level. Take the left to enter an area with a few more skeleton knights. From here take either the left or the right path, both lead into a large room with Skeleton Mages. Make your way west to enter another large hall. Here you will find more undead and Phantoms. Proceed west. Here you will hear Tagert talking.

If you took the Second Key To Salvation you will need to open the door here and kill the Stout Undead. Once you get to the stairs Tagert will come up to you and ask you to stop what Salvation is doing.

If you took the First Key To Salvation you will need to take a right here and go up to the next level using the elevator. When you get there you can open the door right to the right. Go down the stairs and you will find yourself in an underground area with skeletons and plenty of sarcophagi.

Both keys gain you access to the same area. The Second Key allows access from below and the First Key allows access from above.

Catacombs Gems Locations

Regardless of which key you took to open the door you must now collect 5 gems:

These five gems combined allow access through the large door with five indentations (located west of the third gem). The area is guarded by Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Mages. Each gem is located inside a sarcophagi. As there are plenty of sarcophagi to find it may be difficult to find them all as they are scattered about the area. Use the map provided here to see where they are found. Near the fourth gem is a chest containing a Frozen Tomorrow as random item.

Once you have obtained all five gems go to the large door with the five indentations and enter the room for a cutscene.

Vanquish the Skeletons' MasterEdit

In the room you meet a cult member by the name of Balsac. He is the skeletons master and you must defeat him. Balsac has a few powerful spells at his disposal. One being able to call undead to fight for him. Balsac has two health bars, but he is not the problem. Be prepared to fight off a horde of Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Mages as well. Balsac should be your prime target though as when he is killed all other enemies in the room are automatically slain.

Report Back to Ser MaximilianEdit

Once you have defeated Balsac it is time to head back to Ser Maximilian. Before you do there is a chest in the back of this room containing the Crimson Teeth daggers. Now make your way back to Gran Soren and speak with Ser Maximilian.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

Once you have spoken with Ser Maximilian you have completed the quest. You may now enter all of the areas of the Catacombs at your leisure.


  • If Seeking Salvation is not finished before Come to Court, players will not be able to activate this quest.
  • If the player missed the opportunity to get either the First/Second Key To Salvation, Montebank of The Black Cat will have a Second Key To Salvation available for purchase.
  • For subsequent playthroughs, the Arisen may make duplicates of the Salvation Keys for easier access to the Catacombs.

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