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Rise of the Fallen is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Ser Maximilian fears that the Salvation cult is somehow involved in the recent skeleton sightings. Investigate the matter.


Rise of the Fallen is immediately available after the Arisen has had an audience with the Duke (in the Come to Court quest).

Speak with Ser Maximilian in the Noble Quarter of Gran Soren to accept the quest.

Investigate the Secret Meeting

  • Search the capital to learn anything you can not only of Salvation's clandestine meeting, but also the cult's involvement in the skeleton scourge.

Infiltrate the Catacombs

  • Use the key you've obtained to enter the catacombs.

Vanquish the Skeletons' Master

  • Fend off the advancing undead as you pursue and kill the Salvation zealot responsible for the scourge.

Report Back to Ser Maximilian

  • You implicated Salvation in the undead scourge and killed the cultist responsible. Report your deeds to Ser Maximilian.

Quest Successful

  • You solved the mystery and informed Ser Maximilian. Quest reward received.


This quest may only be acquired after completing the quests Come to Court and Seeking Salvation.

Speak with Ser Maximilian in the Noble Quarter of Gran Soren to begin.

Remember to equip the party with Holy or Fire enchanted weapons and spells to deal with the numerous Undead and Skeletons on this quest.
Rise of the Fallen (quest walkthrough), How to get both keys in one playthrough19:01

Rise of the Fallen (quest walkthrough), How to get both keys in one playthrough

Although only the Second Key To Salvation is used in this walkthrough, the video begins with a demonstration of how to obtain BOTH keys. Before starting, sleep at the inn to create a "hard save". The First Key opens the farther Salvation gate within the Catacombs north entrance (near the elevator) while the Second Key opens the closer Salvation gate near the Catacombs south entrance (guarded by 6 Stout Undead). Obtaining both keys is OPTIONAL. Read the steps below to obtain both keys.

Investigate the Secret MeetingEdit

There are three ways to complete this quest.

  1. Wear a Set of Salvation Robes and follow cult member Dillan to obtain the First Key.
  2. Approach the bridge undisguised and obtain one of Tagert's two Keys (by force or with Gold).
  3. Obtain BOTH keys (optional). Only one of the two Keys is needed to complete this quest. See the video at right.

For options 1 and 3, the Arisen must wear a Set of Salvation Robes (the Arisen only, not pawns).

A Set of Salvation Robes can be acquired on the second floor of the Duke's Demesne in Gran Soren during daylight hours. Go up the stairs and turn right. Enter the first door on the left, the Visitor's Chamber. Search the drawers on the right side of the room to find the robes.

The First Key To Salvation unlocks the far north Catacombs entrance Salvation door leading to Balsac.

The Second Key To Salvation unlocks the nearby south Catacombs entrance Salvation door leading to Balsac.

Option 2 is the most expedient option (take the Second Key To Salvation from Tagert "by force"), as long as the player has previously unblocked the south Catacombs entrance door from the other side.

The Salvation's Badge is not required to be carried in order to complete this quest.

To find the secret meeting, sleep at the inn until night and walk under the bridge leading to the Venery.

Approaching the bridge will trigger a cutscene showing two Salvation cult members, Dillan and Tagert, meeting underneath the bridge.

Obtain the keysEdit

Dillan's Key (First Key To Salvation)

Wearing a Set of Salvation Robes, the Arisen may approach them without suspicion. Observe the meeting, and wait for Tagert to give Dillan a key. Then follow Dillan as he hides the First Key in a crate behind Arsmith's Alehouse. Pick up the key (there is no need to wait until he is gone). This key is the First Key To Salvation, which will open a gate within the Catacombs (next to the elevator at the north Catacombs entrance).

Tagert's Keys:

Without wearing a Set of Salvation Robes, approach the two cult members below the bridge. Dillan will run away, and Tagert will speak to the Arisen. He may be convinced to surrender the First Key To Salvation through bribery (by paying him 10,000 Gold) or by force for the Second Key To Salvation.

The Second Key unlocks the nearby south gate (guarded by 6 Stout Undead) inside the Catacombs and the First Key unlocks the far north Salvation gate near the elevator inside the Catacombs north entrance.

Obtaining both keys

Follow the video walkthrough above.

Obtaining both keys is OPTIONAL. Only one Key is needed to complete this quest.

Timing is essential to obtain both keys :

  1. Equip only the Arisen with a Set of Salvation Robes to avoid spooking the two Salvation members.
  2. When Tagert gives Dillan the First Key and begins to run off, speak to him.
  3. When he answers "What's your problem?", keep the conversation box open and wait 60 seconds (which gives Dillan enough time to hide the key because the game is not paused during this "conversation").
  4. After 60 seconds, release Tagert and run after Dillan who will be hiding the First Key in a crate behind Arsmith's Alehouse, right next to the notice board.
  5. Grab the First Key when Dillan steps away from it, then QUICKLY RUN to the Gran Soren south gate to intercept Tagert on his way out. Tagert is the one with the beard.
  6. QUICKLY change out of the Salvation Robes (into ANY other clothes) and THEN speak to Tagert (the one with the beard). Not wearing the Salvation Robes will initiate the dialogue that will grant the second key by force or the First Key by bribery.
  7. Take the Second Key from Tagert "by force".

Infiltrate the CatacombsEdit

Regardless of which key was obtained, head to the Catacombs. Leave Gran Soren through the west gate and follow the road leading to Deos Hills. Pass the Saurians, go under the bridge and enter the Catacombs.

From the entrance go forward and into the hall where the party first met the Elysion. The large doors on the opposite end of the room are now unlocked. Open it to enter the stairway. Skeleton Knights lurk within. Proceed into the next room and take the right into a larger area. Walk north and take the right path up the stairs to a small cavern and take the wooden ladder up to the upper area of this level. Take the left to enter an area with a few more Skeleton Knights. From here take either the left or the right path, both lead into a large room with Skeleton Mages. Head west to enter another large hall. There will be more Undead and Phantoms. Proceed west to overhear Tagert giving a speech.

If the party is carrying the Second Key To Salvation, open this door and slay the Stout Undead. At the stairs Tagert will approach and plead for the cessation of Salvation's activities.

If the party is carrying the First Key To Salvation, take a right here and go up to the next level using the elevator. Open the door right to the right. Go down the stairs to find an underground area with skeletons and several sarcophagi.

Both keys eventually provide access to the same area. The Second Key allows access from below and the First Key allows access from above.

Catacombs Gems Locations

Regardless of which key was used, open the sarcophagi scattered about the area to collect 5 gems:

Together, these five gems will open the large door with five indentations (located west of the third gem). The area around the sarcophagi is guarded by Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Mages. Use the map on the right to locate the five gems. Near the fourth gem is a chest containing a Frozen Tomorrow as a random drop.

Once all five gems have been obtained, go to the large door with the five indentations and enter the room for a cutscene.

Vanquish the Skeletons' MasterEdit

Balsac is one of the leaders of the Salvation cult and the source of the Skeleton scourge. Balsac has two heath bars and can summon Skeletons, Skeleton Knights, and Skeleton Mages at will, so kill him quickly. Focus on slaying Balsac, as his demise will instantly destroy any Skeletons he has summoned.

Report Back to Ser MaximilianEdit

Once Balsac is slain, open the chest containing Crimson Teeth daggers and head back to Ser Maximilian in Gran Soren's Noble Quarter.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

Speak with Ser Maximilian to complete the quest.

The Catacombs may be re-entered at any time. Any gates that have been unlocked or unbarred will remain that way for this entire playthrough (until the Seneschal is confronted Post-Game, leading to New Game Plus).


The below maps depict the layout of The Catacombs:

Map Leg Catacombs Top
Map Leg Catacombs Bottom


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