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Rose Ring is a jewelry piece available in Dragon's Dogma.


A magickal ring reminscent of a red rose. Offers protection against catching fire.

Gives full protection against being set on fire (burning), but not against fire spells.

Usable ByEdit

DDicon fighterDDicon striderDDicon mage DDicon assassinDDicon magicarcherDDicon magicknight DDicon warriorDDicon rangerDDicon sorcerer


Jewelry Rose Ring

Magick Defenses 3
Burning Resistance 100%


Notes Edit

  • A single Rose Ring offers 100% defense against the Burning debilitation.
    Rose Ring (demonstration)02:23

    Rose Ring (demonstration)

    Specifically for this battle against 4 Pyre Saurians and some Hellhounds, a Fighter equips a Rose Ring in order to prevent catching fire when engaging in close quarters combat.

  • Useful against enemies capable of setting allies on fire, such as Pyre Saurians, Drakes, Firedrakes, Hellhounds and Hobgoblins (carrying torches).

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