Royal Surcoat Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


An armor specified for Knights of the Royal Court.

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Armor Pieces
Potential clothing pieces

The Royal Surcoat Set is a medium armor set equippable in the whole by only warriors and mystic knights. It consists of the highest quality items, all in the clearest red, with excellent physical defense and strong magic defense.

As a whole the set has resistances to fire, ice, lowered attributes including curse, as well as blindness, and torpor.

The set is comparable or better than in quality to the heavy armor set Meloirean Armor Set, but with lower defense, and much higher magick defense - weight is a fraction of the Meloirean set, with stagger and knockdown resistances less as a consequence - these factors suggest the use of a shield, and a magic one at that - as such the set as a whole is best suited to a high level Mystic Knight.

Open arm and leg regions require the use of the most defensive underclothes - for the chest the Crimson Jerkin, one of the best jerkins, which incorporates chain mail is an excellent choice, and matches in color; alternatively the Silver Chainmail Set matches the quality of the rest of the set, though is somewhat heavy.


  • There does not appear to be a headpiece for this set. A Chain Coif or Clerical Cap might be worn, or an item such as the Wyrmfyre Vizard
  • Parts of the set are specified as being for Gran Soren royal guards, however the Ducal guards do not wear this armor, instead wearing the Royal Guard Armor in blue when attending the duke. Perhaps the set is for visiting nobility, or to defend the duke when outside the capital.
  • An Angel's Sanctum shield is of comparable quality.
  • The heraldry on the surcoat also appears on the Meloirean Plate and on the Crested Armguards - the central icon is the symbol for holy magic, and one oft worn by members of The Faith - surrounding the central symbol are smaller symbols representing the other four of the Five Archmagicks.
  • The Hero's Gauntlets use a very similar glove with additional arm armor, but the Scarlet hand covers are superior in every way, excluding being slightly lesser in pure physical defense.