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Salomet's Grimoire
Icon Book
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
37,500 G
10,000 G
Quest Items

Salomet's Grimoire is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


Salomet's Grimoire is a quest item used to complete A Troublesome Tome.


"A legendary tome of potent magick. Any may wield it, but only once ere the book crumbles."

"A magick item."


Cast Bolide meteors instantly. but only once.


The tome is located in a chest atop the Aernst Castle Ruins located in Vestad Hills. From the Encampment, there a path slightly northwest which leads past the rear entrance of the Dripstone Cave and southwest up the mountain.

Along the way to the fort are found packs of wolves and a group of bandits, which can be quite hard to kill at lower levels. The bandits are replaced by wolves at nightfall.

The bandits in the ruins are not hostile and the area is rich with loot. Salomet's Grimoire is in a chest at the very top of the fort, which will require a bit of tricky platforming to reach.

Alternatively, the bandit leader, Maul, may be persuaded to hand over the grimoire if his trust is earned by completing the quest No Honor Among Thieves. With Maul's Badge of Amity in hand, he will trade the grimoire for 5 Skulls causing the chest at the top of the tower to disappear.


  • This item can be forged at The Black Cat and the forgery used to complete A Troublesome Tome; however, doing so will have consequences on the events of the Griffin's Bane quest later in the story.
  • While at the Aernst Castle Ruins, any action taken toward Maul, except conversation, will incite the aggression of all bandits within the camp.


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