Scather is one of the nine Pawn inclinations in Dragon's Dogma.


"Directs the pawn to act in a way such that it might act to rush into battles headfirst against strong enemies."

This inclination can be raised by entering battles with enemies as they appear and/or by specifically focusing on the strongest foes on the field, usually large enemies such as a Cyclops. It can also be raised by using the a Scather's Elixir. It is thought that using the command "Go" in battle to direct a pawn to attack also raises this inclination.

When set as their Primary Inclination, Scather pawns will prioritize attacking the strongest foes first before all others. If there are no boss type enemies on the field, it will simply target whichever enemy happens to be the most powerful in that moment and then continue along the ranks.

It is important to note that this inclination's AI instructions will direct a pawn to close in for melee combat and encourages climbing. As a result, this inclination is inappropriate for all Spellcasters as well or any pawn the Arisen wishes to focus on ranged attacks.

Combination Examples

  • Challenger + Scather: This combination is useful in terms of attacking ranged enemies first and then move on to attack the remaining enemies in order of strength. A Strider pawn will tend to mix ranged and melee combat with this combination if ranged enemies are present. The transposed combination is effective on tank style pawns as it ensures the pawn will be deep within the enemy ranks.
  • Mitigator + Scather: Similar to above, except that the pawn will clear out the weaker enemies first before engaging the stronger foes.

Pawn Chatter

"I'll leave the weak foes to you."


  • See also Pawn Inclination troubleshooting
  • Scather will conflict with Ranger behaviour, as it will cause a situation where two different instructions work against each other: Rangers tend to is set to favor longbow attacks, whereas Scather discourages it -this can cause a Pawn to rush between near and distant positions relative to the enemy.