Seabreeze Trail is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A common trail that connects Cassardis and The Encampment, and to the Manamia Trail beyond. At path leading from the Witchwood via a tunnel exits onto the area near the trail via a high level ledge that is difficult to access from the trail. To the north of the path, on the seaward side is the Unusual Beach, accessed by three paths leading down to it.

Goblins and Wolves are commonly found here, as well as Rabbits and Seabirds. In Post-Game the path is inhabited by Grimgoblins and Hellhounds.


The travelers Cedric, Drew, Kellen, Ralph, and Sion are often seen on the path as are the guards Ser Azarel, Ser Reed, and Ser Wyckes.


During the day the Sunbright flower is found in the area. The herb Nightcry is native to the Trail. Apart from minor detritus there is little else of worth to be harvested or gathered. Some Ore deposits near the waterline on the beach give common ores like Copper Ore.

Note : chest loot lists are incomplete
Map Chest Loot
Seabreeze chests

* Seeker's Token

1 Coin Pouch, Large Coin Pouch, Angel's Periapt, Conqueror's Periapt, Demon's Periapt, Seeker's Token, Mage's Periapt
2 Demon's Periapt, Mage's Periapt, Seeker's Token
3 Coin Pouch, Silencer Arrow
4 Mace, Shoulder Cape, Hide Armor
5 Judgment, Hide Armor, Iron Shield, Ebon Neck Wrap
6 Coin Pouch, Oil Arrow, Poison Arrow, Blinder Arrow, Silencer Arrow, Blast Arrow, Sleeper Arrow
7 Interventive, Coin Pouch, Bottled Haste, Light-Cure
8 Foreign Knife, Coin Pouch, or Dragon's Spit
9 Interventive, Coin Pouch, Bottled Haste, Light-Cure
10 Desiccated Herbs , Coin Pouch, Harspud Juice, Pickled Mushrooms
11 Wooden Wall , Two-Hander, Scholar's Cape
12 Coin Pouch, Oil Arrows, Poison Arrows, Blinder Arrows, Silencer Arrows, Blast Arrows, or Sleeper Arrows
13 Mage's Periapt


  • On the Arisen's first venture out of Cassardis Reynard will be found attacked by Goblins. Note that not rescuing him during this encounter removes him from the game until New Game Plus.
  • Occasionally Goblins may have set up an Ambush! on wayfarers, creating a short quest event.