Search Party is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Reynard is looking for rare items from all over the world. Bring him the requested items to gain his trust.

Note Completion of this quest removes Reynard from the game (until New Game Plus).


(1 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ Search Party Hero Trophy Guide

(1 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ Search Party Hero Trophy Guide

Search Party ~ Video Walkthrough

Make ten separate purchases from Reynard to initiate the quest. Once Reynard recognises the Arisen as a familiar customer, he will offer the quest and claim he needs a piece of Scrap Iron. Bring him such an item to progress the quest.

Afterwards, make an additional five purchases from him. He should now ask for a Miasmite; fetch this.

Next, make ten more purchases - Reynard will reveal he is actually looking for signs of his missing father, and that the earlier requests were just tests to see if he could trust the Arisen with his burden. There are six journal entries scattered throughout Gransys - retrieve all of them for Reynard's gratitude.

The six journal entries are found:

  1. First Journal Entry: A chest behind a tent in The Encampment.
  2. Second Journal Entry: A chest in The Catacombs, second level underground - in the room with Skeleton Mages, the chest is located in the semi-circlular apse at the end of the room.
  3. Third Journal Entry: A chest in the Venery in Gran Soren, only accessible from the rooftops. Climb up to the roof of The Black Cat and look for a tiny alley just northwest, only reachable with a ladder.
  4. Fourth Journal Entry: In a chest in the camp south of the Miasmic Haunt in Barta Crags.
  5. Fifth Journal Entry: A chest on the western part of the broken bridge in Soulflayer Canyon, easiest found by entering from the Greatwall side and heading straight for the wooden bridge.
  6. Final Journal Entry: A chest in The Ancient Quarry in the main chamber that once contained an Ogre.



As a travelling merchant Reynard appears in several locations, staying at each for only a short period of time. these are :

His current location can be tracked by a quest marker on the map if the Arisen has the required items in their inventory.


  • The ten purchases required at the beginning of the quest require one to close the interaction screen with Reynard after buying one item each time, then talk to him again. Buying ten items in one purchase, or making ten purchases in one visit, will not activate the quest.
  • The items Reynard seeks initially are:
  • In New Game Plus, items for the quest, including journal pages, can be withdrawn from storage if present rather than found. All journal entries are forgeable at The Black Cat.
  • If Reynard is the Arisen's Beloved, Search Party will be cancelled upon completion of Deny Salvation.
  • If Reynard is not the Arisen's Beloved, Search Party will be cancelled upon completion of The Final Battle.
  • Search Party can not be initiated during Trial and Tribulations due to Reynard's special inventory and dialogue during this quest. Once completed, that restriction is no longer in effect.


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360 This is only applicable in New Game Plus : Players can complete this quest and force the game to respawn Reynard by taking all items and pages from storage as soon as the Main Pawn is created within the Riftstone at The Encampment. The cutscene plays and Reynard leaves, but is back again after a short while, ready to trade.