Seeker's Token is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A relic from another age."

An uncommon item found throughout Gransys. They are usually found in out of the way places, lying on the ground, and can occasionally be found in various gather spots and in containers such as crates, boxes, barrels, as well as chests.


  • A total of 20 Tokens are required for the Notice Board quest, Foreign Service.


Tokens are oft found in obscure or hard to reach places, out of the way of normal traffic :

  • Three may be found in The Everfall - see The Everfall § Loot
  • One can also be found in The Tainted Mountain Peak. It is located where the ballistae are to the east. Climb up to the place with ballistae and at the top there will be a small destroyed wall - the Token is to be found right to it. There is a second Seeker's Token near the ballistae on the opposing side.
  • Two Tokens can be found on the Unusual Beach off Seabreeze Trail Additional tokens may be found in chests. (see map therein)
  • Two can be found within the Duke's Demesne: one behind the staircase in the Audience Chamber and another on the second floor next to the column just outside of the Gathering Hall.
  • Tokens may be found randomly on the path to Bloodwater Beach and from several gather spots in the area - including in a pile located on a cliff ledge above the beach.
  • Three can be found in sewers of the The Blighted Manse (see map therein)
  • Five Seeker's Tokens can be found in the Bluemoon Tower (see map therein)
  • One may be found in Soulflayer Canyon (see map therein)
  • One may be found in the Deos Hills, west of The Catacombs' main entrance (see the map in Deos Hills)
  • One may be found in a white stone sarcophagi just a few steps north of the Healing Spring in Northface Forest

Tokens may also be found as loot in chests, and from gather spots including :