Ser Alvert is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A guard stationed at one of Gran Soren's city gates. He tends to fret over the smallest things."


Superstition's Call, escort quest


  • "Was that a hydra's head went by before? Whose prize was that, then? Ser Mercedes?"
  • "Was a time, and not long ago, such a beast would never spawn so close to Cassardis."
  • "Could be the dragon's coming has their kind gone mad as well..."
  • "This here's the city's main gate."
  • "She opens toward Cassardis, though I suspect you're well aware."
  • "Out there, you face a horde of beasts more hungered for blood than any I've seen."
  • "In here, you'll find folk like that "Salvation" lot engaged in all manner of shadowy things."
  • "It's got to a point I don't know which side's the safer."