Ser Duncan is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.

Ser Duncan will approach the Arisen after their exploration of the Everfall during Lure of the Abyss. He is sent on behalf of the Duke to acknowledge their efforts with the Hydra during A Rude Awakening. He will hand the Wyrm Hunt License and refer the Arisen to Ser Maximilian for further tasks.



"Are you the Arisen? I bring a message from the duke himself. His Grace has judged your feat in slaying the hydra most laudable. To honor your noble works, you are hereby welcomed to the Wyrm Hunt.
You may now accept orders from Ser Maximilian, Captain of the Hunt. Bring this writ to Ser Maximilian, outside the castle gates. He will instruct you further. That document confers the status of hunter upon you. Carry it on your person always."