Ser Elthar is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A castle guard stationed just outside the royal treasury's door. He's supposed to be keeping an eye out, but more often than not, he's busy slacking off."

Ser Elthar guards the Treasury room in the Duke's Demesne.

When the Treasury door is approached, he will turn you away.

At night, he takes a break, goes for a short walk and sits outside. At this time, you can sneak inside the Treasury and steal its gold and items.

If he discovers you while off his post, Ser Elthar will exclaim in surprise and hurry back to his post. He will not call for reinforcements nor throw you in the dungeon.

After the cataclysm following the defeat of the Dragon, Elthar abandons his post.


  • For full details of breaking into the treasury, see Treasury
  • Ser Elthar's first break begins about two minutes after nightfall. He takes multiple breaks from guard duty during the night. During his breaks Elthar exits the nearest door to the castle gardens, and takes a short breath of air in the gardens - the break lasts approximately one minute and fifteen seconds of real time.