Ser Georg is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A member of the Enlistment Corps. His job is to gather new recruits, which he performs admirably well. However, he is a bit taciturn and pessimistic."

A member of the Enlistment Corps, Ser Georg is one of the mercenaries given the task of hunting the Griffin.



  • "Aye, we are the company of "elites" you're to march with."
  • "Forgive me my candor.  I fear I was born blunt as a cudgel, and so I've ever been."
  • "Seems to me there's aught to the Arisen beyond simple strength....Not that it be any concern of a sellsword such as I."
  • "Do not let down your guard!"
  • "Good to see you still drawing breath, friend.  It seems I, too, was lucky. 'Tis a shame it can be said of so few."


  • The soldiers involved in the hunt for the Griffin are members of the Enlistment Corps. Hence, Mercedes will have unique dialogue, depending whether the Arisen has kept all the soldiers alive or not.  
  • Georg is a northern European variant of the given name 'George'.
  • He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.