Ser Laurent is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A guard stationed at Gran Soren's Craftsman's Quarter gate who is well-versed in the terrain of the Gransys Peninsula."

Often found at the gate leading out from the Craftsman's Quarter to the wider world.

During the quest Honor and Treachery - if spoken to before entering the city he will give some background information on the Cockatrice. He will also give you a Potent Greenwarish and a Secret Softener.




Ser Laurent may give valuable clues and directions:

  • "This is the city's west gate, opening on the Gransys Lea."
  • "Further west across the flatlands you'll come to the hills, and crags beyond them."
  • "Used to be, a man was safe from beasts and other evil till at least beyond those hills. Now the dragon's come, monsters lurk all across the lea."

  • "There's a road cuts the lea in twain, running north to south. Walk it north, and there's a hill to the right bears a drawing of a man with a scarred chest."
  • "Hillfigure Knoll, they call it. It's so overrun with beasts of late, most men don't go near it."
  • "There is one man, though, sits right on the hill's crown. A hermit of sorts, or a madman, else... Word is, he actually lives there."

  • "Beyond this gate's the Gransys Lea. No doubt you're well familiar."
  • "Might be you've seen Hillfigure Knoll as well, north along the road. But have you been as far as the duke's manse, past the hill and around the gulf?"
  • "It's a sister hall to the castle here in Gran Soren, built to house guests from the north."
  • "Eastward past the manse, at the cape's point, there's a tower. For all its size and grandeur, there's not a man knows when it was built, or why. These days, it is nest to every manner of beast and demon. Keep your distance, traveler."