Ser Laurent is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A guard stationed at Gran Soren's Craftsman's Quarter gate who is well-versed in the terrain of the Gransys Peninsula."

Often found at the gate leading out from the Craftsman's Quarter to the wider world.

During the quest Honor and Treachery - if spoken to before entering the city he will give some background information on the Cockatrice. He will also give you a Potent Greenwarish and a Secret Softener.




  • "This is the city's west gate, opening on the Gransys Lea."
  • "Further west across the flatlands you'll come to the hills, and crags beyond them."
  • "Used to be, a man was safe from beasts and other evil till at least beyond those hills. Now the dragon's come, monsters lurk all across the lea."